When Bae Netflix Cheats, What Else Are They Capable Of?

It’s hard enough to find something to watch together as a couple when he wants to watch another action movie with no plot and you're dying to see if Harry and Francesca win it all On Too Hot To Handle.

When you finally find a show you both enjoy, there is a universal law that dictates that you can now never watch it without permission or the presence of the other. What happens when bae breaks this rule?

The Ultimate Betrayal

It's like it doesn’t even matter what traditions you build together and how much you've bonded over this show, nothing you do is appreciated. The issue isn't just about resisting the temptation of watching the next episode, but that they didn't consider your feelings when they did! This is complete disrespect.

The worst part is that relationships are built on trust, like the bare minimum of not watching your favorite shows without you. If you don't have trust what do you have? Is your relationship even real? First, it's Netflix cheating, then it's... we'll leave that to your imagination.