How To Confront Bae When They Stop Trying

You might not be sure when this happened, but it feels like bae now only thinks of themselves. They inconsiderately stop getting you a coffee when they get themselves one. Then they forget your anniversary.

This is the same guy that used to bring you breakfast in bed to try to show that they weren't like "all other guys." Clearly, you must put an end to this before it keeps on getting worse.

Then Vs Now

You’re a queen and you deserve to be treated as such at all points of the relationships. Just because makeup and heels are now replaced with buns and sweatpants, it doesn’t mean they should stop worshipping the ground you walk on.

They would rue the day if you decided to walk out, so they better remember your value now. So, show them what life would be like without your gracious presence. Word of advice for the men: don’t get too comfortable, and don’t take your girlfriends for granted!