Two Years After Going On A Date, Woman Discovers The Guy Has A Creepy Record

Online dating isn’t easy. Dating app users never really know what they’re getting themselves into when they swipe right.

Ladies looking for Mr. Wonderful might accidentally end up on a date with Mr. Most Wanted.

She Agreed To A FaceTime Date

Ashleigh was interested enough to agree to a FaceTime date with Mike G, and so they did.

However, nothing ever developed after their date. Still seeing him on the app years later, Ashleigh asked her friend, who knew the guy, if she should reach out to him again.

Her Friend Was The One Who Alerted Her

When she asked her friend about reaching out to Mike again, the response she got was shocking.

Ashleigh’s friend let her know that Mike had a criminal record– a long one. And one of the charges included battery by strangulation.

Ashleigh Shared A Message Of Warning On TikTok

Knowing she got lucky for having never agreed to meet “Mike” in person, Ashleigh was quick to warn other women who might end up matching with him on Bumble.

Florida Arrests/TikTok/ashleighvoisin
Florida Arrests/TikTok/ashleighvoisin

She posted a video on TikTok, sharing his name, photo, and warning other women of his arrest record.

Other Women Came Forward

After sharing the video on TikTok, Ashleigh was appalled at how many other women came forward, confessing that they too had seen his profile and matched with him.

Meghan commented, “Been there, done that. Mile long list of charges.”

He Found Her On Facebook, And Threatened Legal Action

Ashleigh also reported Mike through the Bumble app, hoping they would shut down his profile.

But as her TikTok video picked up over 300,000 views, Mike ended up seeing it. According to Daily Dot, he then messaged her on Facebook and threatened legal action against her.

“Welcome To Online Dating”

After the entire saga, Ashleigh sums up the experience in one sentence: “Welcome to online dating.”

TikTok/ashleighvoisin/Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images
TikTok/ashleighvoisin/Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

You never really know who you’re talking with on dating apps, but thanks to women like Ashleigh looking out for other women, it can hopefully become a more transparent experience.