This Ramen Purse Is Reserved For Your Broke Friend

Remember your college days, when you would see a package of noodles that are definitely at least half-preservative selling for 89 cents and think, “Hmm, now there’s a culinary delight”? Well, get ready to relive those years in a way more bougie and ostentatious way.

Rommy DeBommy, an Etsy shop, sells this signature look for the low low cost of $650. You read that correctly. But you know what? That’s just a fraction of your student debts anyway, so you might as well just lean into the whole college vibe.

No, It Doesn’t Come With Dried Naruto

ramen purse
Photo Credit: Rommy DeBommy / Etsy
Photo Credit: Rommy DeBommy / Etsy

This bag is truly the exact statement item you need if you want to look like you’re not cutting carbs and not ashamed about who knows it. Technically, you’re not cheating on your diet if you wear it instead of eating it.

Also, I hate to ruin anyone’s mood, but this bag is absolutely not edible, and the fact that I feel like I need to make that clear is a testament to the amount of food-shaped goods we have on the market. This thing is made out of hard foam, so I’m not going to stop you from cracking an egg on it, but I won’t promise you that it won’t stain.

There’s A Gold Chain On It To Prove You’re Not Broke

ramen purse on table
Photo Credit: Rommy DeBommy / Etsy
Photo Credit: Rommy DeBommy / Etsy

Listen, I’m all for DIY MacGyver ingenuity, but there’s a time and place for it. If you want to slice a hole in the back of some dried ramen noodles and furiously try to shove your phone and car keys in it like you’re the long-suffering wife of an ambitious prison inmate, then be my guest.

But what you should definitely do, before you go to all this trouble, is actually buy the purse…because it’s functional. The website promises you can fit a phone, makeup, money, and cards in it. That’s including your Costco card, so you can stock up on more ramen.

It Goes With Everything Because It Goes With Nothing

blue dress ramen outfit
Photo Credit: Rommy DeBommy / Etsy
Photo Credit: Rommy DeBommy / Etsy

If you’re looking at this bag thinking that there’s no way you’re going to be able to style this, then let me introduce you to a little thing I like to call “freedom.” Because this thing is so…eccentric, you know it’s not going to match literally anything in your closet.

So, let your creativity run wild and pair it with any ensemble that you like. I would recommend not wearing more hard foam, though. I feel like that would just be too much hyper-manufactured plastic statement pieces on your body, but hey, maybe that’s just little old-fashioned me.