Teen Shoppers May Save Brick-And-Mortar Stores

Gen Z gets a lot of flack for being social media and internet-obsessed but they just might be the generation that saves the brick-and-mortar store. A new survey says that they prefer to shop in person over online shopping.

According to the survey conducted by A.T. Kearney, consumers aged 14 to 24 years old prefer to make their purchases in actual stores.

The survey says 81% of the Gen Z respondents say they prefer brick-and-mortar and 73% say they like to discover new products in-store. The survey sampled 1,500 consumers across four generations.

Gen Z also tends to purchase products in the health and wellness categories more than the other generations surveyed. The results show that 58% of Gen Z say that browsing the shelves and racks gives them a chance to disconnect from social media and the digital world. Talk about retail therapy!