Man Shows Us That We’ve Been Wearing Those Travel Pillows All Wrong

Your flight is a great opportunity to feel rested once you get to your destination. Being able to sleep on a plane is something that a lot of us wish that we could do better at.

You may think that you know the proper way to use a travel pillow, but one man may have found the best way to use it to maximize comfort!

Lineups For Days

People waiting in line in the terminal of an airport
Photo Credit: bbeg1 / Reddit
Photo Credit: bbeg1 / Reddit

Airports can be very stressful and tiring places.

From checking in to passing security and customs, it feels like it’s a never-ending cycle of one long line after another.

The Waiting Begins

Person's legs beside luggage waiting in an airport.
Photo Credit: Alean92 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Alean92 / Reddit

Even once you’ve made it through all of the checkpoints, there’s still more waiting.

But because you’re not on the plane yet, you can’t quite have a nap because you need to watch your things.

Almost Time For Takeoff

People lining up in airport terminal.
Photo Credit: Axolotl1301 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Axolotl1301 / Reddit

Then you hear your boarding call and everyone gets up to begin boarding the plane.

You’re almost going to be off to your destination and able to finally get some rest on the plane.

Trying To Get Comfortable

Two people sleeping on plane. One with blanket over whole body, the other leaning forward into a pillow.
Photo Credit: zeeba27 / Reddit
Photo Credit: zeeba27 / Reddit

Everyone seems to have their own method when it comes to trying to sleep on the plane.

The design of traditional pillows makes it difficult to find the right place to rest your head.

Travel Pillow As You Know It

Man wearing travel pillow front facing.
Photo Credit: Mopninja / Reddit
Photo Credit: Mopninja / Reddit

That’s where the travel pillow comes in.

The wraparound design hugs your neck and helps to provide stability. This is the way most people think to wear their travel pillow, with the clip in the front.

It’s Always Been Right There

How did we not think that turning it around like this is the better way to use it?

This way you can rest your head forwards without worrying about it slipping through the gap!