Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating After He Accidentally Sends Her A Pic Of His Sidepiece

There are many different ways to catch a cheater with the help of technology. But has your man (or woman) ever literally exposed themselves by LITERALLY sending you a pic of their sidepiece?

A little while ago, TikTok influencer Serena Kerrigan posted a shocking video that detailed her boyfriend sending her an accidental live photo of his mistress. The video started a huge conversation about the danger of live photos and allowed us all to realize that even though he’s passed, Steve Jobs always has our backs.

Meet Serena Kerrigan

Serena Kerrigan smiling at a restaurant
Photo Credit: @serenakerrigan / Instagram
Photo Credit: @serenakerrigan / Instagram

Serena Kerrigan has around 300,000 followers on TikTok, and she is known as a “Queen of Confidence.” She generally makes videos about her experiences with sex, dating, and relationships.

She also shares a lot of advice about how to be confident in yourself. But, she recently shared a video about her boyfriend cheating on her that shocked girlfriends everywhere.