This Guy’s Sexist ‘Rules For Beautiful Women’ Are Getting Him Roasted Online

It seems that there are always people who have an opinion on how you should act and what you should do with your life. However, one man went above and beyond to make his opinions on how women should behave public.

After many women read them, all they could ask is what does he have other than audacity?

In A Since-Deleted Tweet, He Wrote:

How to be a Beautiful WomanBe thin, Be able to cook, Have long hair, Wear makeup, Be feminine, Be graceful, Be Sensual Shave (should without saying), Be fashionable, Wear pink and feminine, Love men, Listen to menStay classy ladies!
Text Credit: Twitter / @AJA_Cortes
Text Credit: Twitter / @AJA_Cortes

A.J.A. Cortes is an online fitness/lifestyle trainer who is no stranger to internet controversy.

A while back, he was criticized for the way he demeaned women who dyed their hair in “unnatural colors.”

He Didn’t Stop At His Initial Sexism

It wasn’t enough for him to explain his archaic rules for how he believes that women should behave in order to be beautiful.

He went further to say that women who weren’t happy with his assertions were undesirable.

At First, Readers Were In Disbelief

Some people, upon reading his list of “requirements” for a beautiful woman, thought that it might be a satire.

Unfortunately, it became apparent that he was 100% sincere in his beliefs.

Some Women Leaned Into His Criticisms

While he was aiming to put down a variety of women, some women instead interpreted his “demeaning” descriptions as something of value.

For example, harpies are mythical women who held people accountable for their misdeeds: something a modern woman might aspire to as well.

Of Course, Alexander Was Overconfident

Alexander interpreted the women who were unhappy with his description of “female beauty” as them being desperate for his validation.

If anything, it made it clear that he possesses characteristics of a narcissist who assumes that everyone wants him without considering why women might dislike him.

Some Pointed Out How Much He Follows His “Feminine” Criteria

In response to his heavily sexist tweet, some people pointed out how he, as someone whose identity is tightly knit to being “manly,” possesses the “feminine” traits he outlined.

He really does meet about half of the ones he wrote down as being important to “being a beautiful woman.”

His Ego Is Really Too Much

man: one more photo for all the women who read this and want to hate f*ck me SO BAD. woman responds: you are genuinely, and I mean this truthfully and sincerely, not remotely attractive to me
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mirandoch
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mirandoch

Even after receiving criticism and ridicule for his assertions, A.J.A. continues to believe that every woman who disagrees with him is just attracted to him despite what people say.

If anything, this loser needs a hard reality check.