These Awkward Dates Make Us Want To Hide Under A Rock Forever

Chances are if you’ve been in the dating world for a while, you’ve been at least one date that you’d consider to be a bad one. Maybe you just didn’t click with the person, or it was really awkward, or maybe their pictures were so photoshopped you almost didn’t recognize them.

While you may have been on some bad dates, you might not have experienced any as awkward as these ones.

She Probably Wishes She Was The Drunk One Right Now

If I showed up to a date and this was the person’s reaction, I’d be walking right back out the door.

He definitely was not worth wasting your time on.

Risking Your Life For Love

If she had really liked him, she would have been willing to potentially get hit by a car just so he could feel good about himself.

Or at least that’s what this man’s definition of love is.

A Sign From The Universe

Somehow, someone in that bathroom stall was going through a tough time and knew that some other girl might need the advice one day.

IHOP seems like a strange place to confess your love to someone, but maybe the pancakes went to his head.

Way To Ruin The Vibe

So basically, the parole officer is trying to make sure she never finds love.

Way to pick the worst possible time to remind her about her curfew, as if she would have forgotten that.

Doesn’t He Have Anything Better To Do With His Own Time?

So, he retaliates against women who supposedly take too long in the bathroom by wasting his own paid company time to sit outside the bathroom to monitor them.

What a completely rational and necessary thing to do…

That’s Certainly A Lasting Impression

If you wanted to know how to make a memorable impression on a date, this is certainly one way.

Is it a way that’s going to get you another date? Probably not.

At Least She Got A Happy Ending

Well, at least you could say that you played a hand in their love story!

She wouldn’t have wanted to date someone with demons tormenting them anyways. You can share your demons with someone else.

Like A Greased Pig

“Mortifying” feels like it doesn’t fully cover the feelings she must have had at this moment.

I would hope that the man would have been willing to give her another date after that—even if it was just out of pity, to let her redeem herself.

He Could Have Said Something Sooner

If you’re wondering why he didn’t tell her before they met that he was deaf, so was she.

In a response later, the Twitter user shared that he apparently said he didn’t want her to judge him beforehand and that people tend to avoid him once they know because they don’t want to deal with the communication barrier.

So Does She Like Dogs Or Not?

Would you consider a date who barks at dogs to be a bad thing or a good thing?

Like, does she do it because she loves them and wants to communicate with them? Or because she’s trying to scare them off?

And That’s Your Cue To Leave

Honestly, we’d like to argue that this is a best-case scenario.

She didn’t waste any time on a man that clearly wasn’t available to her in the first place, and she got a free meal out of it!

What A Nice Lil’ Dysfunctional Family They Could Be

This feels like a kiss of death for a high school relationship.

It would be hard to make something work when you know that your boyfriend’s father actively dislikes your mother.

Well It Looks Like Something Came Of It

If this were us, we would have reminded her of this all the time, not just once every few years.

He knew that this was going to work out between them, it just took her a little longer to get there.

They Couldn’t See Eye-to-Eye About Their Differences

Seems like a bit of an overreaction on her part.

First of all, she was the one who misread his height. But also, even if he had lied, he’s still taller than her so does it really matter by how much?

Is This Why Chip Bags Are Never Full?

Some people like to joke that you should hide your flaws or strange habits until after the person you’re dating is committed to you…

This woman seems to have taken the opposite approach and led with a bold move.

She’s Not Your Sugar Momma?

Just because she was willing to pay for the date activities doesn’t mean she’s got money burning a hole in her pocket!

You should at least be willing to pay for dinner if you’re expecting a game console.