Single People Get Real About Their Biggest Dating Struggles

Not only is it hard to find someone you actually want to date, but it’s even harder, when you’ve found someone, to figure out how to keep them and make it work. The struggles are endless. These singles got vulnerable sharing some of their biggest ones on Reddit, and maybe we can all learn from them.

Online Dating Is Quantity Over Quality

holding the phone with tinder app open
Photo Credit: Yogas Design / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Yogas Design / Unsplash

“On the surface, it seems great in that you can meet people online without having to physically see each other to make contact. The trade-off is the utter mountain of nonsense and completely shallow profiles.” —ancapailldorcha

It seemed like a world full of possibilities at first, until it became clear that more options only mean more bad matches to sift through.