Men, What If The Reason You’re Single Is Because You Still Don’t Understand Women?

The following examples are, unfortunately, real lived experiences. Each one inaccurately describes or tries to understand women in some way or another, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Well, the way to a woman’s heart is actually understanding her, so let us help you by breaking down some false assumptions.

Said No Woman Ever

Maybe we’ve been watching too many shows romanticizing handsome men who end up stalking women (ahem, You), but let’s make it clear once and for all, we don’t want a stalker.

Unless you want a restraining order, we’re going to think you’re creepy and we’d rather stay away from toxic relationships.

Because We Have Nothing Better To Do

It’s starting to feel like it’s more of the men evaluating other men’s masculinity, rather than the women.

Women just want to evaluate whether you’re a good person who is going to treat them right. They really couldn’t care less how “manly” you rate yourself.

Going Back In Time

I have to wonder what men who make statements like this would say about their mothers.

Do they think their mothers, who are women, were short-sighted when they gave birth to them? Let’s keep moving forward, not backward, people.

Hard-Hitting News

If only my biggest problem were eating crunchy chips. It’s not even that I’m not prioritizing it, it’s just not even on my list.

I think I speak on behalf of most ladies in declaring that we love all chips, and how crunchy they are is actually a bonus.

Life’s So Easy For A Woman

If women cry all day, it’s not because they’re texting 15 guys at once, but rather from comments like this.

Also, someone tell me where I even find 15 whole guys that are interesting enough to talk to all at once.

Women, We Are Vehicles

Do we get to pick which kind of vehicle we are, or is that also decided for us?

If I’m going to be a vehicle I would at least like to be one of those Mercedes cars with a sunroof.

Might As Well Give Up Now

So much for working on her self-esteem and becoming a strong, independent, and confident woman. That would mean that she can actually see right through you when you try to play her and she won’t fall for your savior act, right?

By the way, “shy” never meant weak or controllable. It’s just a personality trait.

To Each Their Own Tea

What happens when you mix the two teas? Maybe you suddenly forget your identity and can’t tell that you’re a woman anymore, and that’s why they had to label them.

Truly, we want to understand how and why we keep dividing our products like this.

Someone’s Gotta Truly Fix The World

The irony in this conversation is that men like this are the reason the world needs fixing in the first place.

Having beauty and brains is a double bonus, not “weird.” Plus, what does being “too pretty” even mean? What are pretty people meant to do with their lives? Just sit pretty?

How Do We Unsubscribe?

Since men have such an issue with women getting their period, maybe they can find out for us how we can tell Mother Nature that we’d like to unsubscribe.

Also, why is it even still news? It happens once every single month, it’s not like that ever changes.

An Uncanny Resemblance To Bacon

Who wants to take bets that whoever designed this mug is single? We love some good bacon, but that doesn’t mean we want to be bacon.

Also, didn’t another man already establish that women are like vehicles? So which is it? At least stay consistent.

Can Women Smell Other Women?

What does this even mean? If they’re talking about our intuition, then yes, we can sense when you talk and flirt with other women when you shouldn’t be.

That’s not a special sense of smell, it’s just observation.

How Do You Find The Source For Women?

What about the source for men? I want the source that says that men get to ask for a source for women.

We’re all human beings, get over it.

Guess What? We Hate Nagging Too

Men need to understand that there’s nothing we enjoy about nagging. If you could actually just do what you said you would do in the first place, there would be no need for it.

Don’t make us go crazy then wonder why we’re acting like it.

When Did Grocery Shopping Become A Stereotype?

It’s not like women don’t deem their time to be as valuable.

We also want to get the parking spot closest to the store and be in and out as fast as possible and not deal with other people.

Women Don’t Need Your Approval

Breaking news: Women like to look good to feel good. They don’t do it to compete with other women and they surely don’t do it solely to impress men.

We know you won’t even notice our contouring skills so don’t flatter yourselves.