My Tried-And-True Best Strategies For Dating In The Modern World

As a 27-year-old who has been in the dating game for a while, there have been a lot of things I’ve picked up through going on dates, surfing apps, getting into long-term (and short-term) relationships, and all-around having romantic ventures.

While there are no hard and fast rules for how to tackle the dating world, I’ve personally found that certain strategies make navigating dating and relationships a little easier.

Take A Mental Note About How Much Each Of You Talk On A First Date

man and woman talking
Photo Credit: Pexels / mentatdgt
Photo Credit: Pexels / mentatdgt

While on a first date, I consciously think about how much I’m talking vs. how much the guy is. Is he talking more about himself? How many questions does he actually ask me? If the conversation seems to skew towards him just rambling on about his own life without really wanting to know about mine, there isn’t a second date.