Little Fears That Play A Big Part In Why You’re Still Single

You might not even realize it, but you might be the one holding yourself back from a relationship. You’ve had your heart broken, you’ve lost trust in people, and you’ve been screwed over more times than you can count.

So now you’ve created all these walls to protect yourself, which makes it harder to let anyone in. Here are the most common fears that are keeping you from finding love.

Fear Of Commitment

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Photo Credit: daria litvinova / Unsplash
Photo Credit: daria litvinova / Unsplash

This is one of the most common fears, as commitment requires a person to completely put their trust into someone else and give themselves to a relationship. People fear losing part of themselves and their freedom only to get hurt. However, love is a risk, and you’ll never experience love if you’re not willing to risk committing.