People Who Have Definitely Found Their Soul Mate

A lot of cool things happen when you fall in love with someone, and it feels like a lot of things, but how do you know when you’ve really found someone who you could consider a soul mate?

Honestly, for me, it comes down to knowing that they know me and that we can have fun together, even if it is at each other’s expense.

How Cute Is This?

All he wanted was a cute little picture of her so that he could remember the little moments they share together like this one, just sitting in the car and hanging out.

guy smiling at a pic he took of his girlfriend
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mama_ashley_
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mama_ashley_

They’ll hold on to those pictures forever.

Now That’s A True Boyfriend

I feel as though most men, after a certain amount of time with their partner, will know when their partner wants attention, but this totally takes out the guessing altogether.

a guy made his girl an app that lets him know when she wants attention
Photo Credit: Twitter / @grohliest
Photo Credit: Twitter / @grohliest

This should be an app on every boyfriend’s phone.

That’s One Way To Keep The Romance Alive

It’s cute that even after being married, he still wants to do romantic goofy things like fake hitting on his wife and pretending that they are strangers.

tweet: I was @ the drive thru and the man at the window wanted to pay for the person behind him and said to tell her
Photo Credit: Twitter / @SydneyWidenhou1
Photo Credit: Twitter / @SydneyWidenhou1

How sweet is that?

He’s Not Wrong

If it was the other way around, the dog would fill up your water bowl with filtered water and take it to the next level and make sure there was always fresh fruit out or something.

tweet: husband fills the dog's water dish with filtered water because
Photo Credit: Twitter / @datingdecisions
Photo Credit: Twitter / @datingdecisions

Dogs really are excellent and they do deserve the very best.

It’s Nice To Be Known

This is all just a clever way for him to get out of answering the question. Why isn’t she the background picture on his phone?

tweet: My bf knows the annoying things I'm gonna say before I can say them lmao last night he was changing his phone background n shows me his new one then immediately in a high voice goes
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ecogggswell
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ecogggswell

The only acceptable replacement is a pet.

So Supportive

You really need to find someone who is going to be supportive of you and look after you when you’re not feeling well.

boyfriend telling his girlfriend to just breathe when she said she is sick
Photo Credit: Twitter / @danielandromero
Photo Credit: Twitter / @danielandromero

Like, how helpful is this guy letting her know she can just breathe?

That Will Get Him

Let’s hope that this doesn’t escalate into one of those things where he calls in a professional and they end up wasting someone else’s time because of a petty feud.

woman made it look like the dishwasher was broken to mess with her husband
Photo Credit: Twitter / @3sunzzz
Photo Credit: Twitter / @3sunzzz

What’s going to happen when he figures it out, though?

It’s Important To Remember

She’s just keeping his name in her phone as Tinder Tom because she wants him to stay humble and remember where they came from so that they treasure each other.

someone has their husband's name in their phone still saved as
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ktbonz
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ktbonz

He probably has her in there with something dumb like her first and last name.

He’s Got A Point

A good partner always knows what to say when you’re having a hard time.

boyfriend told girlfriend to act like she was wearing her big hoops
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Chels_Mills
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Chels_Mills

He makes an excellent point in telling her that she has to embody the soul of her earrings.

I Don’t Blame Them

Why would you ever share your cake with someone if you didn’t have to? That’s just like common sense.

couple sat in car to eat cake because they didn't want to share with the kids
Photo Credit: Twitter / @TacosChallah
Photo Credit: Twitter / @TacosChallah

Especially with a kid who is just going to be crazy after the sugar anyway.

How Else Do You Find Each Other?

You have to do what you have to do! If they know that this is how they’re going to find one another in the store, then that’s how they find one another.

couple playing marco polo in the grocery store
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DulmesKenzie
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DulmesKenzie

At least they both know this is how to find one another.

Such A Great Feeling

This is how you deal with your feelings in a normal and healthy way!

guy uses fork to pretend his girlfriend is in jail when he's mad
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mrmakethings
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mrmakethings

By pretending that your girlfriend is in jail after she makes you mad! Makes sense to me.

How Reassuring

If it were me, I would have thought that he was texting someone else and I would be getting ready to do the social media lurking to find out who!

woman watched husband smiling at his phone, found out he was texting her
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Parkerlawyer
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Parkerlawyer

Sharing dog wrestling content is really the stuff of love.

That’s A Little Weird, No?

It might just be me, but in this case, I feel like neither of them really won, because it kind of just makes them both look weird and related, which is questionable.

boyfriend and girlfriend trying to embarrass each other in underwear store
Photo Credit: Twitter / @torii_somerss
Photo Credit: Twitter / @torii_somerss

He should have seen that coming, though. How did he not know his girlfriend well enough?

He’s Not Wrong

Let’s be honest about cats, though. Even if they could protect you, they probably wouldn’t if it came right down to it.

girlfriend tweeting about boyfriend who leaves wrestle mania on for cats, because
Photo Credit: Twitter / @karleemma
Photo Credit: Twitter / @karleemma

Cats are kind of lame like that. We all know it.

That’s True Love

Nothing says “I love you” quite like someone covering up a fart for you.

guy took the fall for a fart his girlfriend did
Photo Credit: Twitter / @themessdnest
Photo Credit: Twitter / @themessdnest

That’s like one of the greatest gifts known to man, and this guy did it without any hesitation at all.

She’s Got You There

She wasn’t messing around, and she wanted her wife to know that she was in it forever with her, even if that meant burning their marriage certificate.

someone got wine drunk and tried to burn their wedding certificate saying
Photo Credit: Twitter / @LenaOwnsMe
Photo Credit: Twitter / @LenaOwnsMe

That will show her.

He Likely Will

Cats just love to stay up late and keep everyone up as well while they mess around the house doing whatever it is cats do when they can’t sleep.

someone explaining to the cat that they can stay up late
Photo Credit: Twitter / @NikkiReimer
Photo Credit: Twitter / @NikkiReimer

It’s because they sleep all day!

Must Be Impressive

That must be a really impressive snore for so many people to take the time out of their day to stop and really listen to this man snoring.

woman made remix of her husband snoring
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DaveApnea
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DaveApnea

The wife probably just made that many fake accounts.

That’s Actually So Cute

He can’t break a promise that he made to his boo! That just wouldn’t be right at all, would it?

guy wearing a life jacket because he told his gf he would
Photo Credit: Twitter / @betsylozan
Photo Credit: Twitter / @betsylozan

Even if it does mean looking after his safety with a vest.

Everyone Wants A Little Attention

This is all fun and games until something actually does happen and he’s asking all the people in the mall for help.

They’re just going to be laughing and thinking “classic this couple.”

He’s Just Looking Out For Her

One of the best things about having a boyfriend is listening to all the ridiculous things they will say in their sleep.

He wants her to know the trees are coming, but he doesn’t know why.

What A Great Shot

Now that’s a real man, whatever that means. At least, I’m assuming, anyway.

The bigger question is why this guy just has a blowgun lying around in the first place.

Is He Wrong, Though?

There are worse things in the world to be called while you’re on your period than a little ketchup package.

Trust me, there are much, much worse things.

No One Likes Being Left Alone In The Store

Is this anyone else’s pet peeve other than mine and this girl’s boyfriend’s?

Why is it so hard to just stay with me when we are in the store together? Why else would we come together if not to be there together?

They’re A Little Too Literal Sometimes

Most of the time, you have to explain to your boyfriend something in the plainest terms possible because their brains are too literal.

It will be best for everyone in the long run.

It’s Time To Spill The Tea

Guys love to pretend like they don’t care about drama, but they secretly love it.

They just didn’t have someone to talk about it with until then until they have a girlfriend.

He’s Trying To Care About Astrology

It’s nice that he’s trying to take an interest in the things that she uses to feel better about the world.

The fact that he wanted to be supportive is what matters.

I Mean, He Has A Point

He has a point, in a way. If anyone is going to care about your soul, it really should be your girlfriend.

Now she will think twice before not saying bless you again.

We’re All About The Giant Spikes

You know your relationship has reached the next level when they want to see your hair spiked in the shower and not some nudes.

This is the stuff of real romance.