Women Who Are Down Bad In Their Dating Lives

Life doesn’t always go the way you plan it, and I feel like that is especially true when it comes to dating. Just when you think you have something good going on, life rips the carpet out from underneath you.

These women know firsthand what it’s like to be down bad on the dating scene.

But He Let You In, Right?

I would officially like to sue romantic comedy writers for making grand romantic gestures seem like a great thing.

In reality, it’s just an awkward experience for everyone involved because it’s so extra.

She’s In Spain But The S Is Silent

The beginning stages of a relationship are really a fun time to get to know someone while still in the honeymoon stage.

Though, those happy feelings might be tarnished when you realize they didn’t even think you were dating them.

Children Are So Rude

Kids really only have the audacity. They have no hesitation before asking you why you don’t have a boyfriend and is it because your legs are weird?

Anyway, kids are a public menace.

An A For Effort, Though

Honestly, trying to give out physical intimacy in order to make someone return emotional intimacy is not a great tactic and ends up in you getting hurt.

I’m just proud of her for being able to recognize it.

Yeah, That Was Fishy From The Start

You know what? I am tired of men doing me wrong in the same old, tired ways.

Get innovative! Break my heart in a brand new, interesting way for once!

Can You Imagine Being That Daughter, Though?

Having your parents go through a divorce is a really difficult experience for any child, but most parents will actively remind the kid that it wasn’t their fault.

TODAY, i found out my 7-year-old daughter really did lie about my husband's
Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

This girl actually is the reason her parents were getting a divorce.

That’s A New Level Of Cheap

Here’s the thing: I feel like, if you’re close enough to someone, you shouldn’t ask them to Venmo for less than $5 because you know they’ll make it up to you.

Girl, that was the reddest of flags.

That’s One Way To Find Out Your Boyfriend Is Unhappy

It can hard to know where your partner stands with you, even as a relationship progresses.

However, I think one of the roughest ways to find out that your boyfriend is miserable is hearing him tell strangers on an app.

Why Would You Share This, Ma’am?

You know, everyone has their own terrible dating experience.

hinge prompt
Photo Credit: Twitter / @WomenPostingLs
Photo Credit: Twitter / @WomenPostingLs

However, perhaps your dating profile where you’re trying to meet someone new isn’t the best place to post an L like this.

He Didn’t Have To Make Eye Contact To Do It

It’s one thing for someone to reject you from the privacy of their own home.

there is a really good looking guy in my accounting class and his insta was one private so I sent a follow request during class and he looked over at me then denied the request
Photo Credit: Twitter / @baccaannebrown
Photo Credit: Twitter / @baccaannebrown

It’s so much worse to watch in real time as someone looks you in the eye and decides that they don’t even want to give you a chance.

I Mean, I Kind Of See Where He Was Coming From

I get that this was probably a mortifying experience for this woman who thought that her trainer was into her.

But, in his defense, I can see the resemblance between her and buzz.

*Frowny Face*

I think the only thing worse than being perpetually single is being in relationships where the person doesn’t seem particularly proud to date you.

tweet: I've never dated anyone that was proud to date me they are always like no I don't want to tell anyone
Photo Credit: Twitter / @oattiddymilk
Photo Credit: Twitter / @oattiddymilk

Girl, you deserve so much better than that.

Time To Get A Cover-Up!

While tattoos are forever, love tends to be a little less permanent.

Laser tattoo removal is pretty expensive and definitely painful, so hopefully, it’s something that she could cover up easily.

Fine, He Can Cook For Himself

I think she would have felt differently if it was something a bit better, like some good takeout.

However, McDonald’s? I’ve never finished a McDonald’s burger and thought “this was really good cuisine.”

So That Was A Lie, Mom

Not going to lie, I think this girl really dodged a bullet.

High school sweethearts often have marriages that fall apart as they grow up, so I can’t imagine how third-grade sweethearts will fare in the long run.

Moms Can Be So Rude

This daughter was just trying to be wholesome and connect with her mom.

Instead of being wholesome in response, this mom just decided to roast her about being unmarried. Rough.

I Respect His Commitment To The Marathon

Normally, I would say that people have time in a three-day period to find a moment to text back.

Instead, I’m actually impressed that he refused to let anything distract him from his Sopranos binge.

Being In A Relationship Has Downsides

It’s so funny to me every time a woman posts a photo of their boyfriend and men instantly unfollow her.

I mean, did you think that, simply by liking her photos, you had a chance with her?

She’s Probably Disowned Now

Honestly, living at home seems like a great way to save money when you’re younger.

Really, it’s all fun and games until your mom tries to do you a favor and now you can’t make eye contact with her anymore.

You’re Like Adult Adults, Huh?

Being in your late 20s/early 30s is a really confusing time.

Some of your friends are married, some are divorced, some still have no interest in settling down anytime soon, and some are still living like college students.