Woman’s Worst Date Involved Buying 100 Tacos And Eating Them With Date’s Dad

The dating scene is a very difficult world to navigate.

It can be very hard to find the right person for you. Oftentimes you end up with more bad dates than good ones. This story is about a woman’s worst-ever date.

Sharing Her Story

Elyse Myers shares vlog-type videos on TikTok to her followers.

Woman in sweatshirt looking into camera with a coffee mug on table.
Photo Credit: @elysemyers / TikTok
Photo Credit: @elysemyers / TikTok

Her most recent video that went viral involved her sharing the story of the worst date she has ever been on.

She Had To Drive

The date was with a man she met on a dating app, and he asked her to drive to his house saying he would then drive them to the restaurant.

Woman driving car, text saying that man lost his keys and asked to drive.
Photo Credit: Jan Baborák / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Jan Baborák / Unsplash

After she drove 45 minutes to his house, he told her that he had forgotten his keys and asked her to drive.

One Massive Taco Order

He then gave turn-by-turn directions to what ended up being a Taco Bell.

Box of tacos from Taco Bell. Text saying they ordered 100 hard shell tacos
Photo Credit: 7echArtist / Reddit
Photo Credit: 7echArtist / Reddit

They went through the drive-thru and he placed an order for 100 hard-shell tacos. She was very surprised.

The Old “Forgotten Wallet” Move

When they pulled up to the second window, he fumbled around and said that he had forgotten his wallet.

Picture of an empty wallet. Text saying that he forgot his wallet.
Photo Credit: MemeLord002 / Imgur
Photo Credit: MemeLord002 / Imgur

This meant that she was going to have to pay for the massive 100 taco order.

Lives With His Dad

They then headed back to his house to eat and when they walked in they were greeted by his dad on the couch.

Bald man on couch with cat. Text says his dad was sitting on the couch.
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

She thought it was a little weird but did not have a problem with him living with his dad.

Offered The Studio Tour

When they were eating, the dad came and stood over them eating and asked her if she would like to see his studio.

This was the last straw; she packed up all 100 tacos that she bought and told him that he would never hear from her again.