This Woman Hopes Her Ex Is Miserable In The Most Hilariously Mundane Ways

Sometimes, after a breakup, you might not want your ex to get into a major car accident, go bankrupt, or die of an awful disease, but you do wish for them to be miserable in little ways—maybe they step in water while wearing socks or have to go to the DMV because they lost their driver’s license.

This woman on Twitter took it to another level with these hilariously mundane ways that she hopes her ex is miserable.

I Hope It Happens When He’s In A Rush

i hope he clicks restart instead of shut down
Photo Credit: Twitter / @blndls
Photo Credit: Twitter / @blndls

I genuinely hate when this happens, especially if I’m running late or I just want to go to bed, and then I have to wait for the whole thing to restart so I can shut down for real.