Things Guys Can Do That Women Are Pretty Sick Of Not Being Able To Do Too

Alright, let’s talk about some things. How is it that we are living in 2021 and we still have all of these weird hang-ups about women doing certain things or being a certain way? Yes, things have gotten a lot better, I won’t deny that.

But why are we still having to make jokes on Twitter and with our friends about how there should never be a female Thor and that farting is something we should still be very secretive of?

We Want Pockets—How Many Different Ways Can We Ask?

It needs to start with putting better pockets on women’s clothing. We need them. Do you see how much stuff we needlessly carry around?

Without pockets, we are left to carry purses, which are cute but sometimes really annoying.

Women Aren’t Always Super Emotional

There seems to be this opinion out there that women are overly emotional and get attached to people too easily, blah, blah, blah.

Let me tell you something. Not all women are like that. Not every woman feels the need to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Not All Women Are Good With Kids, And That’s Fine

Just because someone is a woman doesn’t automatically mean that they are going to have great maternal instincts or love children.

We need to stop this idea that women need to love children and be great with children. It’s awkward and a little bit demeaning at times.

Sometimes Women Don’t Want Kids, So What?

Not every woman in the world wants to be a mother. We are whole humans with our own goals and aspirations, and sometimes that doesn’t include a baby.

In fact, sometimes that also includes not wanting to get married. That kind of life isn’t for everyone. We all line up to love a bachelor living their best life, but we look down on an unmarried, childless woman.

Working In A Trade Is A Great Career Choice, Even If You’re A Girl

Women are just as capable as men. Women can work in the trades. They’re great jobs! They pay well, they have job security, why wouldn’t want someone to pursue that?

This kind of thinking goes all the way back to shop class when it was weird to have a girl in that class. Like, what??

It Would Be Nice To Walk Around At Night

OK, all joking aside, this one is a serious one. Do you know how stressful it is to walk around at night as a woman? I mean, a lot of us carry our keys in between our fingers.

That plus the cat-calling that happens? Stop revving your car engines at us! It’s not hot. It will never work.

Who Cares What I Eat? And Who Says I Need To Know How To Cook?

The jokes about women getting back in the kitchen are tired and old and they need to come to an end. Same with those body-shaming people who think they can comment about what someone eats or their weight online.

It’s really none of your business, and we would all be better if people kept their mean opinions about things to themselves.

Newsflash: Women Have Body Hair

Listen to me—women have body hair. They are mammals. If they weren’t supposed to have body hair, they wouldn’t.

How did we come to a place where women spend millions of dollars on hair removal a year and think they have to warn their Tinder hookup that they “haven’t shaved in a while”? Grow up.

Also, Some Women Are Tall

Women are going to be tall sometimes, just like guys are going to be short sometimes. If you want us to be more open and accepting to men under the height of 6 feet, then be accepting of tall women, too.

Someone’s height should be the least interesting thing about them, and it should not be on the list of requirements for the perfect person.

Everyone Grows Old, Even Women

Why is it that when a female celebrity starts to get old, there are articles flying around telling us to “see what she looks like now”? Women age. We get gray hair, start gaining weight that gets hard to lose, and wrinkles are a thing for everyone.

When men age, they turn into silver foxes. When women age, it’s a problem. How is that fair?

Pooping Is Normal For Everyone

There is a weird stigma around the fact that people poop. We thought we all left that behind us in grade school when we learned how the body works, but I guess not.

It’s not weird or unladylike for a woman to poop. Everybody poops. Remember when those T-shirts were cool?

Everyone Also Burps And Farts

Nobody wants to be farted on or have someone burping in their ear, but shaming someone for their bodily functions just because they are a woman is not cool.

Maybe it’s just because men think they have the monopoly on being gross. Well, guess what? Women are pretty gross, too.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Messy

We see on TV all the time that women live in these huge, cool, spotlessly clean apartments and then expect that to be the norm.

Women hate doing their laundry and feel too tired after a long week to clean their bathroom and kitchen. We have a lot more going on than being a homemaker.

Some Women Are Just Serious And Career-Driven

Believe it or not, there are some women in the world who want to direct their energy to pursuing the career of their dreams. There is nothing wrong with that.

Being successful is not just reserved for men, and it shouldn’t be weird that a woman wants to climb the ladder at work rather than stay home and raise a family.

We’ve Said It A Million Times, And We’ll Say It Again: We Don’t Need To Smile For You

Why are people always telling us to smile more? Or that we would look better if we smiled?

Did they ever stop to think that maybe I don’t want to smile? Maybe guys would be cuter if they talked less, but here we are.

Video Games Aren’t Just For Guys

This one may seem like a small thing, but it’s still a thing. There is this idea that women who are gamers aren’t “real” gamers. Whatever that means.

If women say they like video games or superhero movies or anything you think a woman shouldn’t like, just shhhh.

Dating A Younger Guy Shouldn’t Be An Issue

We almost expect guys to date younger women and think that means they’re super successful.

When women date a younger guy, people have opinions about it. They seem to think that’s weird, but what difference does it make?

Not Wanting To Commit To A Relationship Isn’t Just A Guy Thing

We always think that women really want to be in a relationship and that finding a long-term partner is a life goal, but that isn’t true for all women.

Some women don’t want to commit to a relationship and like living the single life and that’s fine—it also doesn’t make them prmiscuous, for the record.

Rejecting Someone Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

Guys like to think that girls are so sensitive, but anytime a girl turns a guy down we are at least called a mean word or told that we weren’t hot enough anyway.

If a woman isn’t interested, and she tells someone, that should be enough. Why do we have to lie about having a boyfriend to keep guys off our backs?

When Nature Calls, You Have To Go

Why is it weird or unladylike for a woman to have to stop somewhere on the side of the road to go pee? Is it ideal? No, it isn’t. But does it happen? Yeah.

Why are bathrooms like a library where everyone tries their best to be silent? Just use the bathroom!!