These Are The Most Ridiculous Things That People Do To Lowkey Annoy Their Partners

When you’re in a long-term relationship, there are certain times when it can start to feel a little routine. A great way to shake things up a little is to keep the relationship light-hearted and fun when you can. Some experts even say that harmless jokes and silly banter can help your relationship thrive.

As you get to know your partner, you get to know the things that tend to set them off or annoy them in very specific ways. People are sharing the most annoying things that they do solely for the purpose of bugging their SOs—all in good fun, of course.

Repeatedly Doing A Bit That Your Partner Doesn’t Like

The theater kids who didn’t grow up to become famous actors are just doing bits and monologues for their partners and family now, their unwilling audience. I know because I’m one of them.

Twitter user Sophia Benoit said there is nothing better on earth than “repeatedly doing a bit your partner doesn’t like.” Whats the deal with that?! *Jerry Seinfeld voice.*

Changing The Language Settings On The Appliances Every Once In A While

Okay, DeAnne, I see you being completely diabolical over there.

Her poor hubby either thought the house was haunted by a multilingual ghost or that he was going crazy. Forever feeling bad for the tech support who got his call.

Working From Home Together And Making The Same Joke For Three Months Straight

The pandemic hit couples hard. All of a sudden work-life and home-life didn’t look too different, and while your SO may make a great lover, they’re probably not your ideal coworker.

One Twitter user shared how she used to wake up every morning for three months straight and say, “Darling I’m going to be late for work!” Of course, she never was and she let her partner know that also.

Asking His Wife How She Got Past Security

Another work from home treasure, this man shared how he would ask his wife the same question every time she came into his home office.

“How did you get past security?”

Acting Surprised About Very Obvious Things

Surely the wife is over this joke, but Brona ain’t stopping (nor should she because this is gold).

A man named Dan said he has a similar bit about his wife’s pregnancy. Classic indeed, Dan, until she tells you “you are NOT the father” Maury Povich-style to get you back. Now that would be classic.

Recycling The Same Phone Joke For 35 Years

You have to respect the commitment. It’s a cute, harmless joke that probably didn’t even get old until the 10th time.

@OhLulaBell said that her mom loved a good phone call prank and would introduce herself over the phone as her dad’s “first wife” to his colleagues, which technically was true because he only ever married her.

Laughing At Your Own Jokes No Matter How Often You Make Them

When your partner has known you long enough to keep a stone face when you tell your best (and most rehearsed) jokes, sometimes you have to be the audience for yourself.

Laughing at your own jokes is easy because you wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t hilarious. So yes, I will continue to shamelessly do it.

Entertaining The Kids Even When Your Wife Can’t Stand It

This dad has an alter ego called the Dadosaur that can only be summoned when his kids call for him.

Unfortunately, he’s messy and chaotic, and Mom cannot stand Dadosaur.

Constantly Explaining Obvious Things As If Your Partner Doesn’t Understand Them

This Reddit user shared how they find it hilarious to explain very obvious jokes to their partner.

They said that during a movie or show they will “pretend she doesn’t get it” and offer an extremely drawn-out summary.

Making Fun Of Your Partner For Being Younger Than You And Saying WOW Like Owen Wilson

Any girlfriend who is the older one in the relationship knows it is her sworn duty to torment her partner over it, especially if he’s a little sensitive about it.

One woman tweeted about how she calls her boyfriend “sport and champ and bud like a midwestern dad” because she’s “six months older than him,” duh. Even better, her boyfriend seems to truly despise it.

“I Hand Her Things She Doesn’t Need. It Drives Her Crazy.”

One of the weirdest and most random ways to mess with your SO is by handing them miscellaneous objects, even at inopportune times.

Screen shot from Reddit:
Photo Credit: u/N1934194 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/N1934194 / Reddit

In response, Redditor oldsoul5th said, “I hand her receipts after dinner, groceries, etc.” Most people, like this woman, instinctively take the paper, and then realize and get super confused.

Using Technology In The Home Against Your Partner

Hats off to the partners who have mastered technology enough to torment their SOs with it.

Both of these women have fallen victim to their husband’s trickery on the electronics in the house.

Sabotaging A Perfectly Good Kiss

This person’s favorite ridiculous move is to pull away in the middle of the kiss and go in for a full-on face-munch.

“…suddenly putting her whole nose in my mouth.” Seems a little gross but also funny.

Persistently Asking His Wife If She Wants Coffee Or Tea When He Knows The Answer Is No

This person committed to the same bit for over 10 years, and that is some serious dedication.

Despite knowing that “the Mrs doesn’t drink coffee/tea,” they still made sure to persistently ask her, for about 10 years, three times a day.

Sticking His Finger In Her Mouth Every Time She Yawns

This one kind of goes against personal hygiene rules but I guess when you’re in lurvvvv anything goes, including fingers randomly in your mouth to sabotage a yawn.

Reddit comments:
Photo Credit: u/N1934194 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/N1934194 / Reddit

Another Redditor responded to say that their SO “puts his fingers in my mouth regardless of yawn status. Even mid-argument.” That’s one way to get someone to be quiet.

He Dedicates His Video Game Victories To His Wife

A Twitter user revealed that when he’s playing video games, he always tells his wife that he’s “dedicating [his] victory to her.”

He adds that she hates it, and then follows up with a cute little tweet to try to score some brownie points back with his “wonderful wife.”

Putting Lipstick All Over Your Face Like A “Manic Clown”

One person shared the super silly way they get their husband hysterically laughing.

Their hubby has supposedly forbidden the bit from the house, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because it just got weird after a while.

This Wife Goes Full Hunchback Of Notre-Dame

Speaking of weird bits, this wife admitted to letting out her inner hunchback just to mess with her husband.

I’m willing to bet he usually ends up doing the task himself.

Constantly Try To Pull Her Pants Down In Unexpected Situations

The Redditor who shared this question, and then his own answers, had the maturity level of a 12-year-old boy, but also still has a girlfriend or wife somehow.

The most ridiculous one is probably trying to pull down his lady’s pants in unexpected situations. Hopefully that doesn’t mean public.

Using Word Play That Drives Them Crazy

This guy (for some unknown reason) once revealed that he “doesn’t like it when people call them ‘cops.'”

His partner doesn’t completely understand the reasoning, but never misses an opportunity to specifically call police officers the much more formal title of “Officers of The Law.” And they made it clear they’re “not backing down.”