Problems Women Deal With That Men Will Be Thankful They Don’t

There are certain things in life that women do that are kind of torture, or at the very least uncomfortable. Some of it we can’t control, like our periods or the way our bodies develop, and some of it is s special kind of hell we bring upon ourselves, like trying to buy skinny jeans or dyeing our hair at home.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

This person brought in the picture that is on the left and gave it to their stylist asking for that same color and cut.

a picture of someone with pink hair and a picture of someone with poorly died blonde hair
Photo Credit: Reddit / eyebagsmcgee
Photo Credit: Reddit / eyebagsmcgee

What they ended up with was whatever that excuse for a dye job is on the right.

At Least It Didn’t Get Everywhere

This is what happens when you leave a bottle of nail polish on the table without the lid screwed on properly.

nail polish spilled all over a table
Photo Credit: Reddit / blusun2
Photo Credit: Reddit / blusun2

It ends up spilling everywhere and never comes out.

Luckily, Blue Is A Good Color For Her

This is what happens when you decide to dye your hair at home without reading all the instructions properly.

person with blue face because of blue hair dye
Photo Credit: Twitter / @KennzieMack
Photo Credit: Twitter / @KennzieMack

You end up looking like an adorable smurf who just got their hair done.

Sports Bras—The Most Necessary Evil

We need sports bras because if we don’t wear them when we work out, our boobs and body will be sore.

However, getting them off after you’re all sweaty is not an easy task.

It Was A Nice Makeup Bag While It Lasted

Every once in a while, we have a makeup bag that we love but gets destroyed by the powdery hell that is a blush or eyeshadow exploding at the bottom of it.

blush powder spilled all over a sink and makeup bag
Photo Credit: Twitter / @LeticiaCespedi
Photo Credit: Twitter / @LeticiaCespedi

There’s no coming back from that. Sorry, you need a new bag.

Those Burns Take Forever To Heal

If you’ve ever styled your own hair, then you have burned yourself on the neck or forehead at least once in your life.

woman with a burn on her forehead from a curling iron
Photo Credit: Twitter / @CASSANDRAJUNEE
Photo Credit: Twitter / @CASSANDRAJUNEE

Those little things sting and they take forever to heal.

Is It Natural Selection?

Having long hair is all fun and games until you’re outside trying to run away from a bee and it gets snagged in the clothesline.

a woman with her hair stuck in a clothes rack
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lipglosslezza
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lipglosslezza

Let’s hope she wanted a haircut anyway.

That Looks Incredibly Painful

An eyelash curler might as well be a medieval torture weapon because one can cause some serious damage in a short amount of time.

Never use one if you feel a sneeze coming on.

The Before And After

When you learn how to be good at makeup, you basically end up feeling like a magician because of the transformation that you undergo.

a picture of a woman before and after she does her makeup
Photo Credit: tumblr / kimberryberry
Photo Credit: tumblr / kimberryberry

It’s a great feeling, but it takes some time.

Always Take Off Your Make Up

Having a skincare routine is really important, but it’s hard to want to do it when you’re tired.

woman's eye brow make up came off on her pillow
Photo Credit: Instagram / @grac333y
Photo Credit: Instagram / @grac333y

Sometimes you just want to go to sleep and hope that your pillowcases don’t end up with eyebrows.

Yoga Where Breathing Is Optional

If you have big boobs, there are certain things that just don’t work out for you, like most button-up tops and trying to do any yoga pose without having your boobs in your face.

woman in a yoga pose with her boobs in her face
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

This is just the price we pay for having a body part that gives us chronic back pain. That trade-off doesn’t sound fair.

The Ol’ Stuck Sunglasses

This one might not be a uniquely female problem, to be fair.

woman with her sunglasses stuck in her hair
Photo Credit: Twitter / @KristaKaylynn
Photo Credit: Twitter / @KristaKaylynn

But getting your sunglasses stuck in your hair while pushing them up is the worst. It makes a big, tangly mess.

Finding The Right Color Is A Struggle

Anytime you walk into any kind of makeup place, you know you’re going to end up leaving with a hand full of swatches on them of at least lipstick and maybe eye shadow.

woman with a bunch of makeup tests on her hand
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s hard to wash off and looks silly for a day, but you will find the perfect shade.

Why Do They Make The Bottles So Tippy?

Foundation is not cheap, OK? And neither are jeans.

When you have a good foundation that spills all over your pants, to say you have a problem is the least of it.

Wearing Lipstick Has Its Draw Backs

Wearing lipstick will do wonders for your self-esteem, but it will also end up all over everything you eat or drink that day. It’s one of the only things in the world we can count on.

lipstick marks all over a banana peel
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Mariaaelenaa_
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Mariaaelenaa_

Going For That “All Natural” Look

Eyelash extensions want you to believe that they’re going to give you some cute little doe eyes that look like you’re naturally blessed.

woman with false eyelashes on making a funny face
Photo Credit: Reddit / emilyMartian
Photo Credit: Reddit / emilyMartian

Well guess again, it rarely looks so cute.

Hopefully, Those Marks Will Fade

When they said beauty was pain, they weren’t kidding. This woman wore those oh-so-trendy sandals that lace up your legs, only to find the sandal imprints stick around for a while after you take them off.

marks left on someone's skin from their shoes
Photo Credit: Instagram / @blessedjess101
Photo Credit: Instagram / @blessedjess101

It’s long pants or a maxi skirt until those welts fade, I guess.

High Heels Are The Literal Worst

At some point, every woman is going to see that high heels are terrible and we will wonder why it was that we even enjoyed wearing them to begin with. It’s just madness.

leaves stuck to someone's heel
Photo Credit: Instagram / @abc7newsbayarea
Photo Credit: Instagram / @abc7newsbayarea

Walk around in heels in the fall and it’s like you’ve got a forkful of salad on each foot. Not a great look.

Do Jeans Actually Fit Anyone?

It is a well-known fact in the world that jeans don’t really fit anyone.

jean that go past someone's ankle down to their toes
Photo Credit: Instagram / @byebyecomfortzone
Photo Credit: Instagram / @byebyecomfortzone

It doesn’t matter how expensive they are or what kind of fit, there will always be something off about them.

Our Bodies Are Weird

When you really stop to just think about it, the human body is so strange.

It’s also weird when we think random things about our body parts that make us wish we couldn’t think at all.