These Harsh Rejections Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Love Life

Rejection is a part of life. It’s unavoidable, as much as we would love to do exactly the opposite and avoid it forever.

While rejection might be something you can’t escape in your life, we hope that any rejection you ever receive is masked with kindness and nice words that make it hurt less. Unfortunately, these people were not so lucky, so you can look at their harshest rejections to file under the “things I hope never happen to me” category in your brain.

The Sibling Zone Is Worse Than The Friend Zone

Does this mean that he really likes you as a friend and wants to platonically have you in his life forever, or does this mean he wants you to lock you out of the room when he invites friends over?

They Could Have Sugar-Coated It

Johns Hopkins apparently woke up that day and chose to make their rejection letters as cutting as possible. “There are tons of talented people who applied to this program, so we accepted them instead of you!” What a lovely way to phrase that.

Gee, I Wonder If This Is A Hypothetical Question

Since when are freckles a feature that people find repulsive? You can be cute and have freckles! Make-up artists literally draw fake freckles onto people, so they can’t be widely considered a bad thing.

Do You Not Enjoy Being Steamrolled?

We’re going to choose to look at a kind of sort of bright side here and say at least he gave her a fair shot! Spending six dates worth of time with someone before making that decision is definitely not a rash decision.

You Didn’t Miss Out On Anything

Well, that’s certainly one way to shut down a crush. After receiving a rejection letter written in blood, it’d be pretty easy to convince ourselves to get over that person without too much effort.

Strategic Timing

All this story leaves us with is questions. How did you find out he spent the week with your best friend? Why did he? Is he still your boyfriend? We need a follow-up.

Laughing For Years

She could have at least had the good sense to pretend that she wasn’t laughing in his face, or to walk away before she continued her laughing fit… Way to kick a man when he’s down.

Surprise! You’re Single!

At least you didn’t have to deal with this man being in every photo from that night. You can look back on your 30th birthday memories and remind yourself you were better off because anyone who does that is not worth your time or your tears.

She Doesn’t Seem Like Someone You Want To Be Friends With Anyway

So what you’re telling us is that this mom was a bully in high school who never grew out of it and is now teaching her daughter how to be mean to other girls.

He Couldn’t Have Done That Six Hours Sooner?

Imagine the panic that man must have felt for the entirety of that car ride, trying to find the right moment to say he wanted to break up, and then not working up the courage until after you have the marriage license.

He’s An Outdoor Cat Now

This person now has to live with the knowledge that their cat would literally rather be homeless than have to spend another moment living in the home they provided for it.

The People Who Laughed Are Just As Bad

We would love to know what an apology after an incident like this would consist of. “Sorry I drove away after I saw what you look like, but I want a second chance. I just needed a few days to process how beautiful you are.”

No, No, Never Mind, She Doesn’t Want To Meet You

She may be great, but this man isn’t, so let’s hope that Claire didn’t follow through on this setup. She can also find joy in knowing that she did not miss out on anything in junior high.

You’re Too Qualified

It is possible to be overqualified for a job and be turned down for it, but whoever gets the role of minimum wage cart pusher is probably almost always overqualified, so who knows what they were looking for?

Glad To Know Where We Stand

Now you don’t have to waste your time after he’s gone! No need to wonder what he’s doing or if he’s thinking about you, because apparently, he wasn’t thinking about you even while he still lived there.

You’re Not Getting That Money Back

As much as we want to be there for the people we love, you wouldn’t catch us paying tens of thousands of dollars to cover for anyone that we weren’t married to…

Were Any Of Your Deposits Refundable?

Based on the phrasing of this tweet, we’re going to take a wild guess and say that they didn’t end up getting married at the end of this story. It’s nice he revealed his true colors before you were legally tied to him.

Now You Can Pretend Your Marriage Never Existed

We’re absolutely baffled that this man is now her ex-husband! We can’t possibly imagine a reason why she wouldn’t want to be with this clearly wonderful man for the rest of her life.

The Algorithm Is Broken

Sorry, but we’re not sure how to spin this into a good thing. It’s just the luck of the draw, I guess, that whoever organized this managed to find more than a dozen women that he wouldn’t pair well with.

She Did Him A Favor

The true silver lining of this moment (and it’s a stretch, we know), is that Kyle didn’t ever get to the point where he revealed his feelings to his crush. She shut him down without even knowing it, and it saved him the embarrassment that would have come from professing his love for someone who didn’t feel the same way.