Fat-Shamed And Bent On Revenge, This Woman Starts Flirting With The Guy’s Father

There is no reason or circumstance where fat-shaming a person is okay. And, if someone does, this woman proves there is no wrath like a woman scorned.

After being fat-shamed by a guy, this woman dishes out a little revenge, which has to do with the guy’s father. What she did has the internet divided.

A TikToker Who Was Taking No Prisoners

TikTok user @milareallysings went to the social media platform to let her followers know that a guy, Gavin, decided to fat-shame her.

The thing was, she wasn’t going to take the insult sitting down.

She Went Straight To Gavin’s Dad

Instead of brushing off the guy’s comment, she did something that some people on TikTok thought was a bit drastic.

@milareallysings decided to go straight to the guy’s father, telling him what had happened.

They Began Flirting

The thing was, @milareallysings didn’t just reach out to the guy’s father to explain how his son hurt her feelings.

She sent him photographs of herself and began flirting with him, too.

“New Step-Mommy”

@milareallysings wasn’t the only one flirting. It turned out that the guy’s father enjoyed the attention and began flirting back over their text exchange.

In one of her screenshots, @milareallysings wrote, “it looks like I’m gonna be his new step mommy.”

Flirty Emojis And More Pictures

It was after the exchange happened that @milareallysings went to TikTok, posting screenshots of her conversation.

In the video, she said, “So some dude decided to fat shame, so I texted his dad. I wanted to show y’all the screenshots.”

Dinner And Drinks?

In the text exchange, it is clear that the guy is confused about who the woman is, going as far as asking how she got his phone number.

It didn’t take long for the dad to ask what they would do together and if she liked champagne.

Some People Called Her A Homewrecker

Needless to say, it seemed as though the TikToker wanted nothing more than to have an affair with this man, just to stick it to his son.

The internet wasn’t afraid to call her a home wreaker either.

People Were Thinking About The Innocent Wife

While some people thought @milareallysings form of revenge was hysterical and empowering, others weren’t as keen on her approach.

One commenter went as far as to write, “What did the wife do..” on the video post.

She Just Wanted To Make A Point

A lot of people couldn’t care less about what she did with her life, but the fact that she was jumping in and seemingly destroying a marriage rubbed them the wrong way.

According to @milareallysings, “Let me just clarify something, I would never homewreck a marriage. I never intended to actually meet him. I was proving a point to his son.”

Others Thought She Was A Boss For Dishing Out Revenge

While the internet was divided on her methods, it didn’t stop people from calling the content creator a “girl boss” and that they definitely had to “keep up with this story.”

Sadly, she never did update the story or how the son reacted to the viral video.