Looks Like Even Women In Relationships Are Tired Of Men

Men are the worst. They certainly can be. Even women in relationships will tell you that there are times when they wish they could ask them to leave and never come back. The only problem with that is that, for some unknown reason, we love them.

That doesn’t mean that in the meantime, we can’t roll our eyes and post about the annoying things they do on social media for other women to relate to.

Well, Well, Well, If It Isn’t The Root Of All My Problems

Having a boyfriend is incredible and everything until you realize that they might be the root of all your problems.

Tweet: I'm burning sage and my bf talking about it's irritating his skin. Yeah I be it is, demon
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Danidollasss
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Danidollasss

Start burning some sage and focusing on your star chart. It’s going to be the only way out of all of this.

If You Don’t Post It Online, Is It Even Real?

How are people supposed to know that your boyfriend is crazy about you if they don’t post about you on their social media?

Tweet: My boyfriend says the sweetest things to me all the time but I can't hear any of them over the sound of him not posting anything about me for national girlfriend day
Photo Credit: Twitter / @06fordexplorer
Photo Credit: Twitter / @06fordexplorer

National Girlfriend Day should be every day if you’re the right kind of boyfriend.

It’s The Look Over Their Shoulder For Me

The way that he is looking over his shoulder at her for not saying “bless you” is too much.

Tweet: My boyfriend really just sneezed sitting five feet away and texted me this. (pictured is a google search result for
Photo Credit: Twitter / @yassjoon
Photo Credit: Twitter / @yassjoon

He went to all that trouble to google it and then screenshot it when he could have just blessed himself.

Cats Wouldn’t Protect Us Even If They Could

The real issue here is that he thinks that their cats would keep them safe even if they could.

Tweet: Is my boyfriend broken? (pictured is a text conversation. Girlfriend: why did you leave wrestle mania on for the cats? Boyfriend: They need to learn to protect us.)
Photo Credit: Twitter / @karleemmax
Photo Credit: Twitter / @karleemmax

Cats are more of an “I’m going to look after myself” type of creature.

This Makes Him Look Bad, Too

Yeah, he’s trying to give her a hard time and make her embarrassed, but at what cost?

Tweet: I was standing in the line at McDonald's yesterday and just as I got to the counter my boyfriend kissed me and then loudly said,
Photo Credit: Twitter / @joanne_gannon
Photo Credit: Twitter / @joanne_gannon

How is it that guys seem to be bulletproof when it comes to embarrassment?

It’s Nice That He Was Thinking About Her?

He just wanted to know where she was so he can drunkenly tell her all about how much he loves her.

Her face says, “We should have gone home hours ago.”

How Is She Going To Wear Those Now?

How will she be able to wear those outfits now when she knows that they look that cute on her boyfriend?

Tweet: I told my boyfriend to show me pictures of my outfits that I ordered and I for sure was not expecting this...(pictured is a guy trying on some crop tops and bikinis)
Photo Credit: Twitter / @_asapgigi
Photo Credit: Twitter / @_asapgigi

They might as well just let him keep them all.

Sometimes You Have To Be Very Specific

When it comes to explaining things to men, you have to be very specific. You might think that you are, but then you have to go that extra step and really explain something.

She needed to tell him to take the product out of the sample and put it on his skin.

It Technically Is Popcorn Chicken

This probably isn’t the popcorn chicken that she wanted, but he put in an effort and we should congratulate him for that.

a cooked chicken sitting in a tray of popcorn
Photo Credit: Reddit / kitty-kat-lady
Photo Credit: Reddit / kitty-kat-lady

Besides, that might not be that terrible at the end of the day.

There Was A Ghost In There All Along

Now they’re going to have to paint over that spot on the wall, but it won’t change anything.

Tweet: My boyfriend tried to wipe a small mark off the wall and now we have a four foot head of a haunted old man crying next to our bed
Photo Credit: Twitter / @fairycakes
Photo Credit: Twitter / @fairycakes

They’re going to know that there is the face of an angry ghost back there.

Has He Never Ever Cooked Before?

Picking eggs and bacon for their first meal to cook was a smart move. It’s easy enough, right?

Tweet: My boyfriend tried to fry eggs and bacon on the stove top using a stoneware baking dish...
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bigmakball
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bigmakball

Apparently, it wasn’t easy enough. It can’t be easy if you have to explain that you can’t use a baking dish to make food on the stove.

“This Is What Our Future Children Will Look Like”

Why do guys always think that it’s funny to scare their girlfriends like that?

a scary mask looking out of the window of a driveway
Photo Credit: Instagram /@adrianeberis
Photo Credit: Instagram /@adrianeberis

Is it worth it for how mad she’s going to be at you and the trust issues she’s going to have with that garage after?

He’s Playing With Fire Here

Why would he challenge his girlfriend like this? Why would it have been so hard to turn on the heat?

A text conversation: Girlfriend: Can you preheat the apartment? I'm on my way home. Boyfriend: What are you banana bread? Girlfriend: Be very careful with what you say next.
Photo Credit: Twitter / @GaryBesdo
Photo Credit: Twitter / @GaryBesdo

Why does everything have to be an argument when it comes to changing the temperature in the house?

She Does Look Cute As Hell

Boyfriends know how to take you down a few notches. You could be feeling like you’re on top of the world, but give them five seconds, and it’s done.

Tweet: Thought I looked cute as hell today and my boyfriend told me I look like Pinhead Larry
Photo Credit: Twitter / @tessa_denae
Photo Credit: Twitter / @tessa_denae

Does she look like Pinhead Larry? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t cute!!!

How Dare He Use Math To Make A Point

The last thing we need from our boyfriends is them using math to explain why they aren’t in trouble anymore.

They can’t just make those kinds of decisions for us. They think they’re so smooth.

Are They Really Chef Perks?

Guys love to talk a big talk about how great they are at something, like cooking, and then they serve you this. Plastic cheese melted on stale chips.

a picture of nachos with American cheese melted on top with a snapchat text saying
Photo Credit: Reddit / Lovestoothpaste
Photo Credit: Reddit / Lovestoothpaste

We can’t tell them this, though. We have to love them through it.

Does She Really Get $9.99 Worth?

Ten dollars seems like a lot to charge your girlfriend for just tolerating you.

If she really sends him that $9.99, then he better make sure that he gives her that much attention and love.

He Made An Attempt

Of all the places in the house to hide her one piece of chocolate, why would he pick the underside of the toilet seat?

It doesn’t even have cute Easter chocolate wrapping.

You Can’t Leave Them Alone For A Minute

This probably wouldn’t be as big of a problem as if they didn’t take as long in the bathroom as they do.

Tweet: I forgot my bfs phone was dead, so when we went to the bathroom I decided to roam around Walmart. About 20 minutes later I hear,
Photo Credit: Twitter / @alystockton
Photo Credit: Twitter / @alystockton

He should have gone to the bathroom before they left. Then his phone could have had time to charge, too.

This Might Actually Be Genius

Is putting your lashes in a gum package ideal? No, probably not.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea. They didn’t get ruined or flattened. The key would be remembering that they were there.