Brother Gives Viewers A Tour Of His ‘Basic White Sister’s Home’

From our love of autumn to flower crowns and Starbucks, basic millennial women truly are a special breed.

With that in mind, one man decided to give a walkthrough tour of all the signs his “basic white sister” has in her home in now-viral videos. As a basic white woman myself, I can’t help but feel personally attacked, and yet, I also can’t stop laughing.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Aside from wine, goat cheese salads, and plaid, perhaps one of the biggest tropes of being a basic woman is our love of decorative signs. From wood to canvas and the sheer number of funny or inspirational quotes, the possibilities are endless!

A framed sign that says
Photo Credit: Skylar Kang / Pexels
Photo Credit: Skylar Kang / Pexels

When it comes to home decor and wooden signs, I’m certainly not biased. I only own two funny wine signs at the moment, but my walls are fairly empty, so there’s definitely room for more.

The TikToks

John Baker, also known as @johnmichaelbaker on TikTok, recently posted a four-part series of videos that have gone viral with millions of views, and you guessed it—it’s poking fun at our love of signs.

Each TikTok begins with John addressing viewers and putting the front door wreath on his head as a decorative hat. He then takes viewers on a magical tour of his “basic white sister’s home.” As Shania Twain likes to say, “Let’s go, girls.”

Choose Joy

In each of the four videos, John speaks with a southern drawl and announces, “Welcome to my basic white sister’s home.”

John poses with a sign in his sisters home that says
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok

We can only imagine she’s on board with this saga that is an homage to her home decor, or perhaps he only sneaks inside when she’s out at a Starbucks or frolicking in a sunflower field. Either way, we’re loving it, and I’m getting new home decor ideas.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

As John walks through his sister’s home, he points out the hilarious and inspiring signs that hang on the walls of her home. From signs that read “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and “Home Is Where The Heart Is,” you definitely get an idea of how basic his sister is.

John points to one of his sister's home decor signs that say
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok

We can only imagine how much money she’s given to Urban Outfitters over the years.

Hello, Sweet Cheeks

From the kitchen to the dining and living rooms, and even the bathroom, John’s sister’s home is decked out wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with decor.

John poses next to a bathroom sign that says
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok

From large signs such as “Just Livin’ Our Best Life” and tiny signs like “Hello, Sweet Cheeks,” there truly is a sign for every mood.

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

One of John’s sister’s basic white women signs is in a not-so-surprising place: the bar cart. In the foreground is another shelf full of wine bottles, and on the back wall is a shadow box filled with corks. Forget Urban Outfitters, what is this woman’s yearly liquor store budget??

John points out a sign in his sister's dining room that is dedicated to her love of wine.
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok

A few of her signs read, “Wine Is To Women What Duct Tape Is To Men—It Fixes Everything,” and, “As For Me And My House, We Will Serve Wine And I Will Sip 24/7.”

Time To Drop Anchor

Turns out though that even the outside of John’s sister’s home isn’t immune to decor. The siding is decked out with white ship anchors and steering wheels and—you guessed it—another sign that reads, “Drop Anchor With The One You Love.”

John stands outside and points at a nautical themed sign on his sisters home that says
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok

Between the love of wine and the nautical decor, I’m starting to think John’s sister is like my own long-lost sister or something.

This Kitchen Is For Dancing

It appears as though no inch of John’s sister’s home is spared from funny or inspirational signs, and the fact that John did a four-part series on her home decor is proof of that.

John poses with a sign that says
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok
Photo Credit: @johnmichaelbaker / TikTok

So there you have it: A comedic tour of John’s “basic white sister’s home.” Does her home look anything like yours? She is my spirit animal, and I clearly have some more shopping to do.