Women Share The Sexist Conditions They Believed Were Normal

We are often the product of the rules, values, and environment that we grew up in and were taught to us. For women, that means normalizing certain conditions that men don’t necessarily have to worry about it.

Now that they’re all grown up, these women are realizing that those conditions aren’t fair, and they’ve decided to point them out.

Being Labeled As A Gold Digger

Not only is a gold digger usually assumed to be a woman, but also, the real gold is the emotional labor women are putting into relationships. This is the way that men depend on women to feel allowed to show vulnerability because they feel otherwise judged by other men.

Basically, the way men need women to be their second mothers.

Using A Woman’s Waist To Move Her

This is just such an unnecessary reason to have to touch a woman who is a complete stranger. Especially when a man wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it to another man.

It almost feels like it’s the man’s way of moving her body as an object because they’re used to deciding a woman’s place.

The Judgment Of Single Mothers

Single mothers truly live in a lose-lose situation. If they stay with their partners, they get criticized for subjecting their kids to such a toxic relationship.

And if they leave, they deal with the assumption that they settled for the wrong man and didn’t try hard enough to make it work.

Expecting Women To Always Be Positive

In a perfect world, we would all be positive and warm at all times. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

Women are just human, and there are going to be times when they’re angry and upset, and they won’t just fake being warm, simply because they’re expected to.

Girls Mature Faster Than Boys

Have we also wondered what encourages this speedier maturity? It could have something to do with biology, but it could also due to the way we raise girls versus boys.

Girls are taught to be more careful and to fit into the mold that is already created for the boys.

The “I Have A Boyfriend Card”

For some reason, “no” isn’t a good enough answer to show that a woman isn’t interested. On top of it, she has to add that she has a boyfriend or else guys will just keep on trying to change her answer.

Why can’t they just respect her rejection?

Not Seeming Attractive Enough

A woman shouldn’t feel like she’s only out there to impress and always trying to fit the standard to be attractive enough, even to those who don’t interest her.

Plus, that standard isn’t attainable or realistic anyway, and often not set by other women.

Basic Household Chores

Cooking and cleaning should be on the most basic life skills list. No one should be called an adult without them. If both men and women require it to survive, then both should be capable of doing it for themselves.

It’s unfair to expect women to take care of themselves and to clean up after their men too.

Needing To Be Secretive About Their Periods

Young women feel the need to hide their tampons in their pockets when taking them to the bathroom and are mortified if it somehow falls out. Men are too embarrassed to go pick some up for the women in their lives.

Yet, a period is just a natural part of the cycle of life, why does this one have to be hidden?

Women Aren’t Considered Funny

It wasn’t that long ago that J.K. Rowling sold her first Harry Potter book without her full name so that people wouldn’t judge it based on the fact that she wasn’t a male author.

For a lot of the successful comedies today, like The Office, women are still not assumed to be behind them.

Girl Scouts Vs Boy Scouts

It’s not often that girls that young become aware of the sexist conditions of their environment and are able to say something about it. Yet, Julianne’s experience isn’t uncommon.

There are still roles that are given different values, expectations, and weight depending on who is occupying them.

Boys Are Easier To Raise Than Girls

Teenagers are hard to raise in general. It’s a time of discovery, rebellion, and confusion. This isn’t something only girls deal with.

Boys will struggle just as much as they all try to build their identities.

The Concept Of All Hallmark Movies

How come it’s always the woman who has to give up her bigshot career to be taught by a man the true meaning of Christmas? What does that prove?

It may be time for the man to leave his whole life behind because he fell in love with a successful woman from the city.

Learning How To Stay Safe

We need to teach girls how to say no and how to be safe because we don’t give them an environment where they are safe or where their no is respected.

This is why it’s just as important to teach boys how to accept when a girl says no and how to create a safe environment for her.

Asking The Boys To Do The Heavy Lifting

We teach kids from a young age that it’s up to the boys to the lifting and for the women to do the rest.

Maybe if we encouraged them to change their roles from a young age they would grow up to expect both men and women to be able to fill them.

“Women Start Drama”

Women are given a reputation for gossiping and tearing each other down. Little attention is paid to the ways they actually respect, support, and uplift one another, especially because they are the only ones who understand one another’s pain.

Perhaps if they were given a chance to have leading roles in politics, they could prove that.

Mansplaining At Its Worst

To clarify, Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress who is known for her five-octave vocal range. Both are notable in their own right. That’s not the point.

The issue here is that a man felt the need to explain to a woman her own heritage by correcting her.

Female Characters Created By Men

One of the great epiphanies of my lifetime was realizing that I disliked so many female characters because they were created by men who didn't like women
Photo Credit: @rainbowrowell / Twitter
Photo Credit: @rainbowrowell / Twitter

There was a time long ago when men dressed up as women because actresses weren’t yet allowed in the theater.

Men may have stopped physically pretending to play female roles, but that doesn’t mean that they stopped creating and writing them, despite never having experienced life in a woman’s body.

Accepting The Bare Minimum

brother helped mom in the kitchen
Photo Credit: Aniya_xo / Imgur
Photo Credit: Aniya_xo / Imgur

Women are often too impressed when a man does the bare minimum without even realizing it. A man helping out and washing a plate is not to be celebrated—it’s to be expected.

Basically, if they’re not exceeding what the woman’s already doing for them, then they’re likely only doing the bare minimum.