Study Says That Tattooed People Have A Better Chance Of Being Employed

Contrary to all the stuff that your Grandmother’s been saying for your entire life, that tattoo of a leaf on your arm isn’t going to stop you from landing a job. In fact, a recent study actually discovered that tattoos may help you find employment. They didn’t specify about big ol’ facial tats though.

The US study by the University of Miami Business School and the University of Western Australia Business School pretty much cements what we’ve known all along; tattoos don’t affect job performance or qualification. So go bare that ink.

There’s No Link Between Tattoos And Hireability

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Photo Credit: Richard Baker / In Pictures / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Richard Baker / In Pictures / Getty Images

The study researched 2,000 participants from all over the US and discovered that job applicants with tattoos were just as likely to get the job as their non-inked counterparts. This actually contradicts previous research on the subject that found that hiring managers used to perceive tattooed applicants as less employable.

Humans have been getting tattooed since 3100BC, so it’s actually surprising that it’s taken us this long just to get used to the idea. This is a great talking point to bring up to your grandmother on Thanksgiving, I’m just saying.