Woman’s Lie About Being A Writer For ‘Emily In Paris’ Has Chaotically Spiralled Out Of Hand

Have you ever told a lie that got out of hand? Abby Govindan surely has.

In the fall of 2020, Emily In Paris became one of the most popular shows on Netflix with many people expressing how absurd and unrealistic the plot was, and Abby was fast to catch onto the jokes.

It Started Out So Innocently

photo of abby
Photo Credit: Instagram / @abbygovindan
Photo Credit: Instagram / @abbygovindan

Meet Abby: she’s a 24-year-old comedian known widely for her jokes on Twitter.

One day, she jokingly lied and said that she was the creator of the show Emily In Paris and put the title of “creator” in her Twitter bio. Anyone who follows her would know that this claim was false, and it was all done in good fun.

However, Abby Commits To The Bit

Over the next few months, Abby continued her ruse of pretending to be the creator of Emily In Paris, with the whole thing becoming a large, ongoing inside joke between her and her followers.

This All Escalated When The Show Was Nominated For A Golden Globe

still of lily collins standing on a bridge over the Seine in Paris
Photo Credit: moviestilldb / Netflix
Photo Credit: moviestilldb / Netflix

Despite the rampant criticism of the show, Emily In Paris received a Golden Globe nomination. The news was extra shocking and controversial since other critically acclaimed shows like I May Destroy You were snubbed.

…And, Of Course, Abby Had To Make A Comment

as the creator of Emily in Paris can I just say... why the F*** were we nominated for. golden Globe LOL I made that show as a prank
Photo Credit: Twitter / @abbygov
Photo Credit: Twitter / @abbygov

I mean, as the fake creator of the hit show, it only makes sense that she would make false claims about the origin of the Netflix series. Her followers would expect nothing less of her.

Initially, She Got A Few Confused DMs About It

For people who follow Abby or are familiar with her content, it was easy to tell that her tweets about Emily In Paris were all an elaborate joke, but others on the site were a little confused, to say the least.

But Then Things Really Escalated

Some entertainment journalist saw Abby’s tweet, and, amongst all of her other tweets on the show, believed that her assertions about creating the show were true. They even went as far as to make a whole article about her saying the show was a prank.

…And They Just Kept Getting Crazier

Suddenly, Abby’s DMs and email inbox were full of requests from journalists, some of whom worked for very prestigious news outlets, asking to interview her about the television show and her comments around its Golden Globe nomination.

You Know It’s Serious When It Gets Mentioned On Wikipedia

The whole debacle got so big that the controversy about her alleged creator role ended up on the show’s Wikipedia page—and for a while, the page even had her listed as an official creator.

It Got So Intense That Her Mom Found Out

You know that your lie has gone a little too far when your parent has to hear about you pretending to create a television show from her coworkers who have never met you.

In The End, Everything Was Sorted Out

The lie was debunked by several news sources, and the actual Emily In Paris creators were able to talk about the show and their excitement around the nomination for themselves.

But Abby Will Not Stop Her Antics

Right off the end of her Emily In Paris creator controversy, Abby is already jokingly taking ownership of the Wonder Woman 1984 film and will likely continue to do the same with other new shows.