Woman Goes To Extreme Lengths to Catch Cheating Boyfriend—Genius Or Psycho?

The worst fear in any relationship is that your significant other is cheating on you. But rather than sit back and accept her fate, one woman decided to prove her suspicions correct and catch her cheating boyfriend in the act—all using Instagram.

So forget James Bond—he could probably learn a thing or two from this woman.

Welcome To The Digital Age

Cell phone on home screen with multiple apps visible
Photo Credit: William Hook / Unsplash
Photo Credit: William Hook / Unsplash

With the invention of the internet and social media, nothing is truly private anymore, and a simple click of a button can tell you a lot about a person.

While Facebook and Instagram can reveal a lot about your interests and friends, many of these apps can also tell people where you are, whether you’re aware of it or not. That’s exactly what one woman had in mind when she used Instagram to do a bit of sleuthing.

The TikTok

Chloe Powell of the U.K., known as @chlopowell2 on TikTok, recently shared a video of a recorded conversation she had with a friend in which her friend describes the method used to catch her boyfriend whom she suspected of cheating.

Chloe captioned the video with, “MI5 or the FBI please employ her.”

Social Media Sleuthing

Chloe Powell during her TikTok video and the caption 'sound on'
Photo Credit: @chlopowell2 / TikTok
Photo Credit: @chlopowell2 / TikTok

The first half of the video takes place in a car and depicts Chloe’s surprised and impressed reactions as her friend explains the extraordinary lengths she went to to catch her cheating boyfriend.

Chloe’s friend begins by saying that the first thing she did was go on Instagram and search for the specific location where her boyfriend was hanging out at.


Person holding their phone up displaying the lights in front of them
Photo Credit: Linus Mimietz / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Linus Mimietz / Unsplash

“I searched the place he was at, then I went on every girl’s profile that had tagged that place,” Chloe’s friend says.

Then she viewed the Instagram stories of every girl who had visited that specific location. Afterward, she separately downloaded the videos.

“I Caught Him”

Screenshot of Chloe's friend in the car looking at her phone surprised.
Photo Credit: @chlopowell2 / TikTok
Photo Credit: @chlopowell2 / TikTok

Now that Chloe’s friend had the Instagram stories saved to an external location, she re-watched them, but in slow motion, trying to see if she could spot her boyfriend in the background of any of the videos.

The scene then cuts to Chloe’s anonymous friend looking down at her phone and confirming her worst suspicions. She exclaims, “I caught him!”

Ample Applause

TikTok comment: Not psycho! Reacting to the way men treat us, and take us for fools we don't let anything go! You can tell if something isn't right trust your gut!!!!!
Photo Credit: @chlopowell2 / TikTok
Photo Credit: @chlopowell2 / TikTok

While some people accused Chloe’s friend of being “psycho,” TikTok users have love and admiration for the woman and the genius way she caught her (hopefully ex) boyfriend in the act. The only thing they said was “psycho” in this situation was the fact that her boyfriend was cheating and thought he’d get away with it.

“She’s not psycho she’s just smart,” commented one user.