Woman Creates Her Own “Love Island” By Inviting 16 Men On One Date

First dates are something that a lot of people dread. They can be awkward, the person might not look anything like their profile picture, or maybe you just aren’t good at talking to people you don’t know.

Something that would really change up the first date format though? Showing up and discovering that you’re one of 16 other people to also be invited on that first date.

He Couldn’t Not Document This


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In a now-viral TikTok from u/peakay81, one man posted a video about how he showed up to a date thinking that it would be the usual routine, except it was anything but.

He showed up to find out that she had invited 16 dates on one date.

How’d She Even Find This Many Men To Date?

man invited on group date
Photo Credit: TikTok
Photo Credit: TikTok

The woman explains that she invited everyone she matched with on Hinge because she couldn’t decide between them all.

She invited them all to show up to one venue, and said: “I hope you all get along.”

He Was The Second Date To Arrive

second date on group date
Photo Credit: TikTok
Photo Credit: TikTok

The man who posted the series of TikTok videos was the second date to arrive.

When he first got there, the man who was the first date lied and said he was her cousin, but then revealed that wasn’t true.

He Was Pretty Confused

tiktok comment
Photo Credit: TikTok
Photo Credit: TikTok

In a follow-up video to the original TikTok, he talks about how he felt like it was a red flag when he found out he was one of several men showing up that day.

Despite the “alarm bells ringing” in his head he stuck around.

It Was Supposed To Be Like Speed Dating

man holding wine glass at speed dating
Photo Credit: Pexels / Cottonbro
Photo Credit: Pexels / Cottonbro

Soon after he arrives, several more men show up.

The woman who set up all the dates apparently said she was attempting to set up a speed dating sort of scenario, but all the men showed up at once.

Despite The Competition, He Was Having A Good Time

woman from group date with group
Photo Credit: TikTok / peakay81
Photo Credit: TikTok / peakay81

Even though there were a dozen other men there, the user said he was enjoying himself and was having a good time.

He admits that “if I had any self-respect whatsoever I would have left after the first moment” but he stayed.

He Tried To Keep In Contact

man leaning looking at phone
Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio
Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

He and one other man on the date shared a kiss with the woman who set up the scenario, and they had a good time so he tried to follow up.

When he texted her the next day though she never responded to him, so their love story died there.

The Reactions To This Were… Mixed

reviews on tiktok about love island dates
Photo Credit: TikTok
Photo Credit: TikTok

People were clearly intrigued by the situation based on how many views his series of videos got, but not everyone was happy about it.

One of the major questions people had is why on earth he stuck around after finding out what was going on.

For Anyone Thinking Of Doing This, Maybe Warn The Guys?

If anyone watching this video is thinking of also trying to make their own Love Island in the future, maybe take the time to let the men know they’ll be competing for your love.

A little friendly competition is all in good fun as long as everyone actually wants to participate!