TikTok Star Shows Her Body In Outfits Before And After Eating Meals And She Is Serving

Clara Guillem has gained massive attention online for creating a trend that normalizes the concept of bloating after eating. The 24-year-old content creator from Nashville, Tennessee went viral for her series of videos where she shows herself in form-fitting outfits both before and after she has eaten her meals for the day.

She wants to be clear in her message to viewers: bloating after eating is completely normal, and it’s not something we should be embarrassed about. Clara believes that nourishing your body should be celebrated and she wants people to start. In the series, she narrates some incredibly positive self-affirmations while she models an array of super stylish outfits. Check out her viral story below to see why the internet is falling in love with her:

Meet The Girl Behind The Viral Videos

Clara was sharing her self-love message long before she came up with the idea for her now-viral video series. She admits she struggled with body image and eating disorders in the past and turned to social media to help destigmatize some of the things she dealt with.

She has been advocating for body confidence and embracing non-traditional beauty standards for years, but she really blew up online when people saw her videos normalizing bloating after eating.

She Says Women Bloat More Than Men — And It’s Normal

Side by side before and after of woman in pink tank top and jean shorts showing side view of bloating after eating
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

This particular video has amassed over 5 million views on TikTok alone. In the first outfit, Clara says she is making the video because a lot of people avoid eating just to prevent bloating. She wants people to celebrate the bloat because it’s normal!

When she is showing off her third outfit, she adds “I have a secret to share with y’all: women bloat more than men!”

“I’m Fine As Hell Obviously, But My Appearance Is The Least Interesting Thing About Me”

Woman in clingy floral t-shirt dress, side images before and after eating a meal
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

Her positive self affirmations are what help the videos hit home for a lot of viewers. She addresses the camera and explains how even though she know’s she’s “fine as hell,” that her appearance is the “least interesting thing” about her.

She continues “I have so many other amazing qualities but those are suppressed when I’m hangry,” meaning that if she doesn’t eat when she is hungry it negatively affects her mood (as it does with most people).

“I Don’t Know Why This Hit So Hard For Me”

Screenshot from TikTok comments section:
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

People in the comments section were eager to share how Clara’s video made them feel, thanking her for normalizing something that is so commonly experienced.

Young women especially related to the content, with one commenter saying that “someone telling me that it’s totally fine makes me feel so good about myself.”

“It’s Not That I Can’t Fit The Outfit, It’s That The Outfit Doesn’t Fit Me”

Screenshot of Clara zipping skirt, wearing purple plaid matching set - side by side with comments section.
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

In another video from the series, Clara models three different outfits that hug her body in all the right places — before and after she has nourished it with food. She says that when the outfit doesn’t fit her body perfectly anymore, it’s not her problem.

One commenter was so inspired by Clara’s message that when she was feeling self-conscious about eating the video helped encourage her to have lunch.

“Can’t Get Much Sexier Than Respecting My Only Body”


Follow to see more of these!! I love that it can normalize bloat/changes and show you your body deserves nourishment regardless of size/shape/anything

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In one of the original videos from the series, Clara says she purposefully chose a dress that makes it easier to see her “cute, happy belly” after she’s eaten.

She says that the food she eats nourishes her body, her mind, and her soul, adding that there’s no better feeling than respecting the body you were given. She promotes mental health and physical health coexisting with one another especially when it comes to food.

The Videos Are Inspiring People Online To Think More Positively About Their Bodies

Comment screenshot:
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

This comment reveals that user Ari has felt a real connection with Clara’s videos. She thanks her for helping to encourage people to appreciate their bodies and think positively about food.

Clara’s response is clear and reflects her message perfectly: “I want everyone to have a healthy relationship with food.”

“I Hope Y’all Are Starting To Hear My Voice In The Back Of Your Head”

Woman with short brown hair wearing athletic clothes before and after eating meals
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

In another video from the series, Clara says that she hopes that her followers are starting to hear her positive voice in the back of their head instead of their own negative self-talk.

She finishes this video by saying “all bodies are beautiful, BUT all bodies are worth more than just their beauty.”

She Warns Her Followers To Consume Social Media Carefully

Even though her before-and-after eating videos have gained the most attention online, Clara also creates content that highlights how social media is often not reflective of real life.

She urges her followers to be careful with the content they consume online, making sure not to compare their own bodies to unrealistic standards that rely on the power of posing, lighting, and editing.

Clara Started A Trend Online Where People Share Their “Bloats”

Woman standing in the kitchen in before and after pictures from before eating a meal and afterward
Photo Credit: @thesophialiu / TikTok
Photo Credit: @thesophialiu / TikTok

It seems that Clara’s wish for her followers start hearing her positive voice in their own heads is coming true.

TikTokers have started to recreate her original videos using their own outfits and positive messages of encouragement. User @thesophialiu uploaded a video where she says she was inspired by Clara to share her own experience with bloating.

The Message Applies To Anyone And Everyone


Your body is at its healthiest when it has the nutrition it needs, not looks the way society wants it to🌻 @claraandherself #bodypositivity #fyp #gay

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TikTok user @maxhovey was also inspired by Clara’s videos normalizing bloating and he recorded a shirtless version from the male perspective.

His caption says it all with “your body looks healthiest when it has the nutrition it needs, not looks the way society wants it to.” We love to see it.

Clara Candidly Revealed She Used To Suffer From An Eating Disorder

After the TikTok videos went viral, Clara gave an interview detailing some of the inspiration behind her first video.

“I suffered from anorexia, which was perpetuated by the idea that if I DID eat something before an event/pictures/being in a bikini, I would look bloated. In reality, there was an ‘event’ every day that allowed my symptoms to progress.”

“Our Society Has Such Deeply Engrained Fat Phobia”

As her following grows on both Instagram and TikTok, Clara’s audience is expanding around the world. She wants to change the “deeply engrained fatphobia” in society.

She said when she began her own recovery that in the beginning, she thought: ‘Alright, my body deserves to be nourished and taken care of,’ but it wasn’t until a while later that the dialogue turned to, ‘Wow, my body looks and feels amazing!'”

Body Positivity And A Stylish Wardrobe Were The Perfect Formula

Woman wearing 4 different outfits: 1. blue skirt with daisies and tank top 2. lime green yoga bra and matching bike shorts 3. champagne colored lace dress 4. white fitted dress with spaghetti straps
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok
Photo Credit: @claraandherself / TikTok

Not only is Clara breaking down stigmas around eating and bloating, but she’s also single-handedly serving a range of chic fashion vibes. Her style is worthy of any Pinterest board and she is totally flaunting it.

Since the videos went viral, Clara has landed major brand deals including one with the popular Savage X Fenty brand by Rihanna.

Her Videos Landed Her A Modelling Deal With Rihanna

All of the attention has surely been weird to manage but Clara has stayed true to herself and maintained her original message. Her dreams came true when she was contacted by the Savage X Fenty team to become a brand ambassador.

Thanks to her TikTok campaign to normalize bloating after eating, Clara is joining the ranks of Fenty ambassadors including Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, and Christina Milian. A well-deserved accomplishment!

“Food Can Be Enjoyable, But Ultimately It’s There To Serve Your Body A Purpose”


Happy outfits+eats day to all my favorite humans follow if you like these reminders!💓

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Clara’s latest video continues her trend where she shows herself in different outfits before and after eating. This time she tells viewers that it’s okay if they have a hard time enjoying their food.

She explains that it’s most important to remember that even though food can be an enjoyable experience, the ultimate purpose is to provide nourishment for your body.