Stranger Hand You A Drink At A Bar? A Woman Shares Her Tip To Figure Out If It’s Spiked

As things begin opening up again, many of us are eager to head out to a bar or nightclub with friends to enjoy a night on the town.

What should’ve been a carefree night for one woman and her friend soon turned into panic as she realized their drinks had been spiked by a predator at a bar. She’s now sharing the simple trick people can use to ensure it doesn’t happen to them.

A Night Out On The Town

Aili, known as @aili.likes.adventure on TikTok, explains that she and her friend went out to a bar for a carefree night out on the town.

While standing at the bar waiting for their second round of drinks, a man approaches Aili and asks if he can buy the ladies a drink. Aili says she politely declined, as her friend had already taken care of it. Thinking it was nothing, both ladies then take their drinks and sit out on the patio.

The Dance Floor

While enjoying their drinks on the patio, the same man and his friend sit at the table next to Aili and her friend. She says that she and her friend thought nothing of it because “you never do.”

Two women laughing and holding drinks at a bar
Photo Credit: Michael Discenza / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Michael Discenza / Unsplash

The women then head to the dance floor where Aili says they were having the time of their lives. That is, until those same men also appeared on the dance floor. Every woman has experience with a man asking them to dance and politely declining, and that’s exactly what Aili did, too.

Do You Want A Drink?

By the end of the night, the men —who Aili says were “persistent”—show up again on the dance floor. Without a word, one of them shoves beers into their hands. Her friend immediately begins drinking hers, but as Aili puts the drink up to her lips, a voice in her head screams, “do not drink that.”

Man holding the rim of a pint of beer
Photo Credit: Pawel Kadysz / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Pawel Kadysz / Unsplash

“They didn’t say ‘We bought you these drinks,’ they didn’t say ‘Do you want a drink?’ they just put them in our hands,” she says.

Aili’s Advice

“So instead of drinking it, I put it back in his hand and I said, ‘You drink it.’ He was so stunned that he literally backed away and all he could say was ‘No!’”

Man holding out glass  with brown liquid to the camera
Photo Credit: YesMore Content / Unsplash
Photo Credit: YesMore Content / Unsplash

Aili says she pushed the drink back at him, but he refused to take a drink, saying it was because he’d purchased it for Aili. Believing it might be spiked, Aili says, “I don’t want it. Let me see you take a drink.”

Their Drinks Had Been Spiked

After the man repeatedly refused to take a sip of the drink, Aili grabbed her friend and they hastily made their way out of the bar. She realized that the man had followed them outside, and Aili says she had to physically push him off of her, saying “Thank god I’m a strong-a** b****.”

Booze poured into glass; photo looks fuzzy and discolored
Photo Credit: Nick Rickert / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Nick Rickert / Unsplash

While outside waiting for an Uber to take them home, Aili looked at her friend and realized that her worst fears had come true. “My friend went from being able to dance with me and talk to me, to stumbling around, barely able to form a sentence,” she says.

Always Trust Your Intuition

Aili says that in situations like these, a person’s best weapon is their intuition and that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s because it’s probably not.

Paper that says
Photo Credit: Jen Theodore / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Jen Theodore / Unsplash

“We made it home safe last night, but I know [there are] so many women out there who don’t.”

Victim Blaming Needs To Stop

In a follow-up video, Aili explains that she had to take her friend to an urgent care center, but that she’s okay. She adds that she’s filed a police report and informed the bar of the drugging incident and that they’re reviewing security camera footage.

Woman holds sign that says
Photo Credit: Anete Lusina / Pexels
Photo Credit: Anete Lusina / Pexels

Aili also responds to a user who commented asking, “Why didn’t you call the police and have the drink analyzed…girl you just left them to do it again.” Aili points out that in dangerous situations like these, a person never knows how they’ll respond until they’re actually in it, and she does not regret how she handled it. She refuses to live in fear, adding that being aware of your surroundings and being scared of your surroundings are two very different things.

Every Woman Has A Similar Story

Aili’s story went viral, and her comments section was filled with users expressing gratitude for her publicly sharing her story and relief that she trusted her intuition, preventing a bad story from having a much worse ending.

TikTok comments:
Photo Credit: @aili.likes.adventure / TikTok
Photo Credit: @aili.likes.adventure / TikTok

Many users also commented that they too have been victimized and had their drinks spiked, proving that it happens a lot more than people realize, and that’s why awareness is so important.

How To Tell If Your Drink Has Been Spiked

Women go to the bar hoping to unwind with friends, but our nights out always come with a caveat. We learn growing up that when we do go out, we should have a buddy system, and most importantly, never leave our drinks unattended.

Martini glass on counter amid intense blue lighting
Photo Credit: Arvind shakya / Pexels
Photo Credit: Arvind shakya / Pexels

The drugs most commonly used to spike drinks are not easily detected, and victims might end up with short-term memory loss. It’s so important to keep Aili’s tips in mind when out for a night on the town. Stay safe!