This Woman Proudly Posts The Clothes Her Boyfriend Hates Along With His Reasons Why

Women face a lot of heat when it comes to what they wear. From feeling like fashion only works for skinny bodies to being blamed if they wear something deemed too revealing, there seems to be no winning.

The last thing a woman needs is to feel good in an outfit only for her boyfriend to hate on it. When it comes to Olivia Jackson, it doesn’t matter what her boyfriend thinks. In fact, she posts exactly what he said so they can all laugh about it.

Meet Olivia Jackson, Who Doesn’t Feel The Pressure

This is Olivia Jackson. A twentysomething from London. Olivia believes that no one should feel like they have to bow down to outside pressures.

She advocates that people are free to choose whatever they want they wear, even if their boyfriend disapproves.

She Has A Passion For Fashion

Olivia really enjoys fashion. She loves the high street style of fashion in particular. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, despises it.

Olivia was confident enough to wear it regardless. In fact, she knew many would agree that she was actually quite stylish.

When Her Boyfriend Critiqued Her Clothes, She Started A Blog

She decided to use her boyfriend’s hate to her advantage and started to document all her outfits in a series named ClothesMyBoyfriendHates in April 2018.

She featured all her purchases along with her boyfriend’s sarcastic comments about them.

She Wanted To Support Other Women

“I knew I couldn’t be the only person who was just carrying on wearing what I wanted regardless, but equally I knew that there would be people out there who were impacted by their partner’s or other’s opinions—because I’d been there myself.”

By documenting the clothes her boyfriend hated, Olivia embarked on a mission where she hoped “to empower women to do what makes them feel great.”

She Successfully Proved Her Boyfriend Wrong

Proving your boyfriend wrong never gets old, but for Olivia, she really drove the nail in. Her Instagram account went viral, with over 62,000 followers supporting her, and agreeing with her choices.

She has a full-on blog online, too, where she shares links to her purchases, proving that others would want to show off those outfits too.

Her Boyfriend Still Always Has Something To Say, But She Wears It Anyway

It’s obvious from Olivia’s posts that she doesn’t feel offended or oppressed by her boyfriend’s comments. He never stops her from wearing it, but rather just finds something witty to say about it.

One can only wonder if he’s the one behind the camera!

Here He Says She’s Dressed Like A Farmer

The boyfriend’s comments are actually quite funny when framed in such a light-hearted tone. He immediately associates the gingham design of this dress with farmers.

Imagine getting any real farm work in this outfit, though…that would be quite the bougie farmer.

While Here He Compares Her To A Mechanic

According to her boyfriend, Olivia’s got pretty much an outfit for every type of job. You need your car fixed? She’s got her jumper!

I have yet to meet a mechanic in a belted denim jumpsuit, but what do I know!

There’s Just No Winning With Any Outfit

Even when he doesn’t use his words, an eye roll is enough to gauge exactly how he feels about the outfit. The joke’s on him though, because in this case, his sister showed up wearing a similar dress.

It sounds like he’s the one lacking a fashion sense since nothing she wears ever pleases him.

Might As Well Flaunt Them All

Olivia learned early on that you can’t please everyone all the time, not even your boyfriend. The only person you should be concerned about pleasing is yourself.

For that reason, if she wants to dance the night away and pretend she’s a flamenco dancer, then all the more power to her!