This Man’s Reaction To A Woman’s Rejection Has People Talking About ‘Fragile Male Egos’

Ah, rejection: it’s one of the most painful yet most inevitable things that we have to deal with in life. There are many different ways to get rejected from a wide variety of things, but the rejection that seems to bother us most is when it happens in our romantic lives.

Of course, some people handle it with grace. However, this one guy did the exact opposite.

It All Started With A Tweet

What’s the point of having a horrible experience if you don’t get to share it online?

One young woman took to Twitter to share screenshots of a “conversation”—there wasn’t a lot of back and forth going on—that she had with a young man after she expressed her lack of interest.

Let’s Break It Down

text from woman reads: Listen, I'm really sorry. I thought I was open to seeing other people but it turns out I was not, and I think it's best to stop talking now before it develops into anything more serious. You are nice and kind, but this is not for me. I wish you the very best
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas

The exchange started with the woman apologizing and respectfully explaining that, despite thinking he was a good guy, she simply is not as emotionally available as she initially thought and therefore doesn’t think pursuing things further is a good idea.

Normal, right?

Then Patrick Comes Out Of Left Field

in series of texts, patrick writes:
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas

It’s safe to say that Patrick doesn’t take the rejection too well.

Immediately, he starts to demean the woman, criticizing her interests, her appearance—seemingly trying to lean into insecurities she’d mentioned—and then implying she’s inherently unlikeable. Ouch.

He Doesn’t Stop There, Though

series of texts from patrick: I should have F***ed you. at least I would've left with something but instead you wasted 3 dates and left me with nothing but blue balls. Pathetic. Your probably not ever good that's why your single and no one wants to be with you. I wish you the worst. A waste of my time you didn't give me anything to work with. I didn't even want you I was just bored and saw you and thought you would've been easy. I hope nothing works out for you I hope he hurts you I hope you stay alone
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas

You’d think that the mean things he said at first were enough for him, but he just does not stop.

Patrick goes on to try and criticize her in terms of her sexuality before basically saying he wants her to be miserable. This is after she had “wished him the very best.”

But Here’s The Kicker:

without any response, patrick texts her
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas
Photo Credit: Twitter / @salchimamas

Let’s remember that Patrick decided to send this entire slew of cruel messages at about 3 a.m.

However, by 10:55 a.m. of that same day, he was out here sending a “Good morning!” text as if he hadn’t been a gigantic jerk only eight hours before.

And People Were Scathing In The Comments

I mean, this person does make a great point.

It’s not like the woman had ever been rude or demeaning, but the second Patrick’s ego was a tad bruised, he started being cruel.

Truly Sociopathic Energy

I think that’s really the part that got to me.

After being absolutely abhorrent just hours before, this guy decided to act like nothing had happened at all—no apology or anything—and tried to start up a new conversation.

In Some Ways, It Does Come Down To Emotional Intelligence

Why is it that, upon feeling rejected, he felt the need to tear someone else down?

The truth is that boys aren’t socialized to reflect on and process their emotions the same way girls are from a young age, and it leads to problems later on in their lives.

She Really Dodged A Bullet

The most terrifying part of this interaction is that this woman believed that Patrick was “nice and kind” prior to this exchange.

Perhaps the scariest thing of all is realizing that she could have ended up in a relationship with someone who reacts so aggressively whenever he’s upset.

It Is The Greatest Scam Of All Time

Do you know how many times we have been told that women can’t be leaders of companies or countries because they “get too emotional irrationally” and therefore “cannot make good decisions”?

Meanwhile, Patrick had a full meltdown when someone simply didn’t want to date him?

This Behavior Needs To Stop

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, it’s pretty common for women to be on the receiving end of some aggressive and hateful messages when they express disinterest in a man, and sometimes in person as well.

We need to hold people accountable when they act this way and remind them that they aren’t allowed to treat someone poorly just because of a rejection.