Guys Are Sharing Times They Stood Up To Misogynistic Behavior

If you’re a woman, then you probably have, at some point, dealt with a guy who was gross. Probably more than one. They’re everywhere. They’re at work, they’re on public transit, they’re in the bars—nowhere is safe.

Luckily, there are also men in the world who aren’t pigs, and sometimes they help us stand up to people who deserve to be taken down a peg or two.

Someone On Twitter Asked Men To Share Stories Of Times They Spoke Up

It took off on Twitter and got a ton of replies, all of them full of stories about times that men were good allies and not the bane of our existence.

It Was Refreshing To See

Some of the stories were about guys who stood up to their friends, pointing out when they were behaving in a way that wasn’t appropriate and frankly offensive for everyone involved.

Some Were Kind Of Funny

Misogyny is not a laughing matter, but the thought of guys getting catcalled by a man on the street and not finding that very appropriate or funny would be hilarious to see.

But will they learn anything? Probably not.

Other Stories Were About Times People Helped Strangers

It really is great to see that there have been times when people stood up to help those in need. It makes your faith in humanity become a little bit restored.

Bars Are Always A Bad Place

Most often in bars, we hear stories of women acting like they know other women or groups of friends telling someone to get guys to back off, but knowing that bartending staff take notice is comforting.

Boys And Their Stupid Video Games

OK, the guys who think they’re so superior and give girls a hard time about playing video games and accuse them of not being real gamers (whatever that means) and say sexist stuff? They’re the worst.

Sometimes It Can Be From A Distance

You don’t always have to go and be conformational to help other people. A lot of the time, just knowing that there is someone else watching what you’re doing is enough to scare them away.

It’s Nice That He Picked Up On That

It’s really amazing that this guy saw that the woman wasn’t feeling it and had the capacity to understand that. It’s just proof that some men really are the worst.

There Is No Excuse For This

One place that sexism and misogyny is still alive and well, other than everywhere, is in the workplace. Especially in big corporate offices where these guys think they can fly under the radar.

Some People Have A Plan

There were some people who were sharing their foolproof plans for stopping any kind of questionable goings-on before they even started, and honestly, it’s good that they are. Maybe other people will adopt some of these ideas.

You Have To Teach Them Young

It’s nice to see that there are teachers out there who are calling their kids out when they see bad behavior. The sooner that kind of stuff can be addressed, the sooner it will become something in the past.

We Aren’t Here To Do Your Dirty Work

It’s the worst to be in a situation with a man who thinks they are superior to you and therefore can tell you to do whatever they want because you should be so lucky to dial a phone for them.

We Always Know It’s There

One of the best things that you can do is address this bad behavior that a friend may have because if or when they do something terrible, you’re going to know it was probably going to happen.

Don’t Let Bullies Win

Misogyny doesn’t always happen the way you think it will happen. Sometimes it is just kids on the playground thinking they have the right to go and destroy something someone worked hard on.

Sometimes You Don’t Have To Say Anything

If you see someone acting out in a way they shouldn’t be, sometimes just keeping an eye on them is enough to deter them from making any bad decisions and might help the other person feel more confident to stand up for themselves.

We’re Here For The Music, OK?

Guys really are the worst at music festivals. Women aren’t there to meet up with a bunch of trashy boys. We are there because we want to enjoy the music.

Stalking Isn’t A Good Look

I’m pretty sure that that quitting in a rage is basically them saying, “yeah, I’ve been doing this and I know it’s wrong, but whatever!” Let’s hope he stopped after that.

It Really Isn’t Funny

Sometimes just shutting someone down, telling them that their terrible joke is not funny and is actually offensive is all it will take to make someone look and feel really stupid.

The Irony Is So Sweet

I love that the universe came together to show this man that he was being an idiot and that he deserved to feel really stupid. How is a 17-point turn even possible?

“Can She Handle A Joke?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question and how many times I wanted to rage. I didn’t. Had to keep it together for the interview.