Disney Park Gaston Gives Guest The Boot After She Touches Him Without Consent

The topic of “consent” is something that’s been brought to the forefront in recent years, and while there are strides being made when it comes to bodily autonomy, there is still work to be done.

A video of a female guest physically harassing a male Disney park actor is now going viral. Whether you’re a man or woman, it teaches an important lesson about consent that we can all learn from.

The Happiest Place On Earth

A Walt Disney World castle at the Disney park in Orlando, Florida.
Photo Credit: Amy Humphries / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Amy Humphries / Unsplash

From the nostalgia to the characters, the rides, and magic, Walt Disney World is called “the happiest place on earth” for a reason.

For guests who are lucky enough to attend one of these parks, being able to interact with their favorite Disney princesses, heroes, and villains is special, and the characters themselves love seeing the joy they bring to adults and children alike. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The Issue Of Consent

A topless woman with the words
Photo Credit: Cliff Booth / Pexels
Photo Credit: Cliff Booth / Pexels

We recently brought you a story based on a Twitter thread about a woman who defended herself in a nightclub against a man who groped her and touched her without consent.

Now, a similar story has gone viral on TikTok and Reddit which further explores the issue of consent and keeping one’s hands to themselves. But instead of focusing on a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, it focuses on a man’s perspective.

The TikTok

Evan Snead, also known as @evansnead on TikTok, is a Disney lover who has “sold [his] soul to the mouse,” and recently, he posted a video that has gone viral with over 12 million views and 1.5 million likes. It features a female Disney Park guest and Beauty and the Beast character Gaston.

The video is captioned, “Girl harasses Gaston and he (rightfully) forces her to LEAVE.”

A Meet And Greet

Woman puts her hands on an actor playing Gaston with the caption
Photo Credit: @evansnead / TikTok
Photo Credit: @evansnead / TikTok

In the video, you see a woman interacting with an actor portraying the character of Gaston. Known for his muscular physique, macho bravado, and desire to marry Belle, Gaston cemented himself as one of Disney’s most popular villains when the film debuted in 1991.

At first, you see the woman standing next to Gaston as the actor stays in character, but then, she does something unexpected. She suddenly places both hands on the man’s pecks and smirks.

No One Tells You To Get Lost Like Gaston

Disney park Gaston pointing toward the exit with his hand on the back of a female park guest ushering her to leave captioned
Photo Credit: @evansnead / TikTok
Photo Credit: @evansnead / TikTok

The woman then quickly takes her hands off of Gaston when the actor suddenly breaks character and points off-screen, telling her repeatedly to “[get] out” and “leave.”

Thinking that it’s some kind of joke, the woman remains in place and laughs, even trying to put her hands on Gaston once again. Remaining steadfast, the actor then ushers her away from him and tells her to leave saying, “You’re done—there’s children [here].”

“Do Not Be That Person”

TikTok user Evan Snead talking to the camera about his Disney video
Photo Credit: @evansnead / TikTok
Photo Credit: @evansnead / TikTok

After the clip ends, Evan appears on camera and explains that the video is old because Gaston is no longer a meet-and-greet character. But, he nonetheless urges viewers to never assault/harass Disney characters because ultimately, they are at a job, and if harassed, will rightfully defend themselves.

“He was every bit in the right to do that,” Evan says. “They’re people—treat them like it.”