People Who Found The Bright Side Of Divorce

When a marriage falls apart it can feel like life as you know it is ending, because, in a way, it is. People learn to rebuild parts of their lives without their significant others, but it’s rarely a straightforward process—especially if children are involved in the separation.

While it’s easy to lean into the heartbreak of a significant breakup, some people choose to see the freedom in separation, the humor in divorce, and the beauty in modern co-parenting.

There’s A Time And A Place, And This Is It

Man smiles in selfie with soon-to-be ex-wife as they go file for divorce
Photo Credit: IRONMIKE / Reddit
Photo Credit: IRONMIKE / Reddit

This guy managed to capture a hilariously awkward moment on camera when he snapped him and his soon-to-be ex-wife on their way to file for divorce.

She smiles anxiously at the camera, while he laughs in the picture. In his post, he writes: “One year later and I’m still happy about my divorce.” Right on, right on.

Been A Long Time Coming

Man stands proudly in front of large sign that says
Photo Credit: wilymon / Reddit
Photo Credit: wilymon / Reddit

This man couldn’t help but share his exciting news with the whole neighborhood, he was “FINALLY DIVORCED” and ready to celebrate.

He smiles proudly behind the front lawn display with his arms outstretched—sweet, sweet freedom.

From The Ashes, A Phoenix Rises

Burnt image of woman in wedding dress, words
Photo Credit: @rebecca_stapp / Twitter
Photo Credit: @rebecca_stapp / Twitter

This woman found meaning in the ashes of her wedding photos. After a predictably bitter separation, she decided to burn all of her wedding photos.

It was only when she saw the ashes she noticed that the fire didn’t burn one corner of a photo, revealing her standing in her wedding gown and veil. She says it’s a great reminder that she’s “been through absolute hell” and she’s still here.

“The Day My Mom Became Free And Can Actually Be Her True Self”


May 3rd, 2021 the day my mom became free and can actually be her true self. ❤️ #divorce#foryou#foru#divorcedparents#foryoupage#newbeginnings

♬ deja vu – i was cigorets lol

In this inspiring TikTok clip, @libbyangel shares how her parents’ divorce finally went through. To celebrate, she got her mom a cake that reads “Happy Divorce Day!”

When her mom comes home she’s visibly emotional and excited. The video continues: “I am so happy for my mom, she has been so down the past couple of months.” Even though the divorce has been hard, “she is now free.”

She Gave Herself A Makeover Her Husband Would Hate, Then Went To Get Divorced

TikTok screenshots of woman getting her hair cut and wearing a dress her ex hated as she heads to the divorce hearing
Photo Credit: momlpnsandbag / TikTok
Photo Credit: momlpnsandbag / TikTok

For years, this woman’s husband told her he preferred her with long hair and hated some of her clothes. So when it was finally time for divorce talks, she knew just what to wear.

She chopped her hair off and put on the dress he “hated” and then marched her sassy self right to the divorce proceedings. Get it.

Divorce = Freedom From Food Restrictions

This woman managed to find at least one silver lining in her post-divorce life: She can eat peas in peace again.

Her ex must have been super averse to peas because she’s making sure to fit them into a weekly dinner routine.

Burn The Whole Marriage To The Ground

Woman gives middle finger while smiling and lighting wedding dress on fire
Photo Credit: @b.lauriephotos / Instagram
Photo Credit: @b.lauriephotos / Instagram

Divorce photoshoots are an interesting new trend online. Some people have decided that signing the papers simply isn’t symbolic enough. They needed something a little more permanent…

It’s fire. They’re totally burning all traces of their former relationship to the ground.

When Mom Needs Help, Dad Comes To The Rescue—Even Though They’re Divorced

This former couple’s story is heartwarming for a few reasons. Even though they’re divorced, they still maintain a healthy relationship in order to co-parent their children.

Not only that, but they live in a unique situation where one of their children has special needs. When things get a little too chaotic, this woman’s ex-husband often comes to help settle things down. Now that is co-parenting, and also just being a great human.

Celebrating The End Of One Marriage With A New Partner, Classic

Man cracks open champagne bottles, side-by-side image of burning rings
Photo Credit: @gemmie039 / Instagram
Photo Credit: @gemmie039 / Instagram

Nothing says it’s over like popping champagne and burning the rings, with your new “baby.”

There’s a good chance those rings just come out of the ashes really dirty, but I understand the sentiment.

Becoming Legally Single Is A Great Reason For A Cake

Woman smiles holding cake that says
Photo Credit: @utoonozy / Instagram
Photo Credit: @utoonozy / Instagram

Celebrating your divorce is becoming, well, more celebrated. This woman was all smiles as she held up her “legally single” cake at a divorce party.

She captioned her picture that she was happy and thankful for a “perfect divorce party.” I can’t help but wonder what an imperfect one would look like.

New Bedroom For New Beginnings

Two sisters put aside their long-standing differences to work on a project for their mom that involved completely making over her bedroom.

The video explains that after divorcing last year, their parents’ bedroom has stayed the exact same as it always was. The mom was understandably overcome with emotion when she returned home to see that her daughters had created a beautiful space, just for her. To new beginnings!

Burning The Memories With The Dress

Woman smiles while pouring lighter fluid over a wedding dress hanging from log
Photo Credit: brittanyjade___ / TikTok
Photo Credit: brittanyjade___ / TikTok

This woman knew what to do when her marriage fell apart—and that was to grab the lighter fluid.

Burning the dress is one definite way to ensure that it never makes it down another aisle.

The Poster Family For A Happy Separation

Family smiles in selfie picture on family trip
Photo Credit: @ourhappydivorce / Instagram
Photo Credit: @ourhappydivorce / Instagram

On their Instagram account @ourhappydivorce, this family shares the ways that they co-parent their son after separating. They have a very modern approach that involves still seeing each other as a family and taking family trips and vacations.

They write: “This is just one example of many in our life as a divorced couple that has found a different kind of life.”

This Has To Be Prettier Than The Actual Wedding Cake

Pink and black cake with sign
Photo Credit: @cassiecakkies / Instagram
Photo Credit: @cassiecakkies / Instagram

The blockbuster hit “Straight Outta Compton” never saw this beautiful, hilarious “Straight Outta Marriage” cake coming.

Someone saw the beauty in escaping their marriage and decided to celebrate with this awesome cake.