Influencer Says Going For Coffee Or A Walk Are Unacceptable First Date Options

We’re all for having high standards and settling for no man. However, when a woman declared on TikTok that she finds it unacceptable to get coffee or go for a walk on a first date, TikTokers thought her standards were too high. In fact, she got a lot of backlash for being “high maintenance.”

Here is her reasoning.

First, She Is Not A Dog

woman talking on TikTok
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / TikTok
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / TikTok

TikTok user “kokobeaute” starts off her video by stating that she does not accept coffee or a walk as a possible date option and does not think any other woman should either.

Her reasons are: “First of all, I’m not a dog that needs to be walked.” She would rather be sitting down.

Second, She Has A Nepresso Machine

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Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram

The woman continues to explain: “Second, I have a Nespresso machine at home, works fabulous.”

She does not understand why she would need to go get coffee when she already has plenty of it at home. I mean, we have food at home too but it still tastes better at a restaurant.

Third, Drinks Are For Hookups

influencer having a drink at beach
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram

Before you assume going for drinks would be a fine alternative to coffee, she thinks they might even be worse.

“We’re not doing drinks either…you’re going to try to get me drunk and take me back home. No.”

She Would Rather Do Dinner

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Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram

It’s not that she is opposed to first date ideas altogether. She just has a specific vision for them. She explains: “We’re doing dinner! You’re going to pick me up, we’re going to come to the restaurant.”

There are reasons why this is her preference.

She Wants To Study Her Date

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Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram

It turns out the real reason she prefers dinner dates is that she feels they allow her to learn more about her date:

“We’re going to see your table manners. We’re going to see what you order. We’re going to see do you hold your chopsticks correctly.” Plus it shows that they’re willing to put in effort.

The Video Went Viral

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Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram

The video already has over 2.5 million views, although not everyone responded so kindly.

She doesn’t care though as she continues to post pictures with captions such as: “I guess I should’ve been quiet about having high standards. Jk, will never shut up.”

The Criticism Came Flooding In

TikTokers felt strongly about defending coffee dates. One said, “You’re doing this backward. If you can’t do the simple things first and enjoy them without judging that person, then there’s no point…”

Many found the video to be rude to those who actually prefer such dates. Some went as far as assuming that she doesn’t go on many dates.

People Said She Was High Maintenance

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Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kokobeaute / Instagram

Many TikTokers thought that this video reflected her character.

“I can’t imagine spending a couple of hours with someone this judgemental,” said one person. Another one chimed in, “Tell me you have ridiculous standards without telling me. I bet you expect a man to always pay too.”

Kokobeaute Continues To Live Her Best Life


Reply to @dlink2020 let the trolls tell me what’s high maintenance #highmaintanence #highmaintanance #keepyourstandardshigh

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The woman did not care about the haters’ opinions: “I know you guys say that dinner is high maintenance, but that’s just what I’m used to, you know? Sorry if that offends you.”

She said in another TikTok that if a guy tells her she’s high maintenance, it’s because they do not match. She doesn’t think anyone should lower their standards if they can’t be matched.