This Retirement Countdown Clock Is The Only Thing Left To Look Forward To In Life

Another year is gone, and with it any hopes and dreams you had for your resolutions. You’ll just be another year older next year, and your window of opportunity will get even smaller. You might as well just postpone all your plans until retirement, when you will have the time and money.

How long from now is that again? If only you had a countdown clock

Better Start Working On Your Plans

Consider this retirement countdown clock as a glimpse of a hopefully much better future. It’s time to start working on a bucket list.

old woman covering her ears
Photo Credit: William Krause / Unsplash
Photo Credit: William Krause / Unsplash

By then, the last thing on your mind will be dating. Instead, you can pick where you want to travel and which of your besties you want to bring along so you can sip on wine on a beach together and gossip like the old ladies you already feel like you are.

Age Is But A Number

Since age is nothing but a number, bring more numbers into the equation and count the days with this digital countdown clock.

retirement clock counts down
Photo Credit: AIMILAR / Amazon
Photo Credit: AIMILAR / Amazon

It doesn’t matter how young you are now, as long as you still feel 25 when you’re 80, you can still get as crazy as you want the day the clock finally reaches 0.

One Day It Won’t Be Like This

The countdown clock is next to my coffee maker and I look at it every morning to know how many days left to work.” —GR (Amazon user)

man plays golf with ad of the clock
Photo Credit: AIMILAR / Amazon
Photo Credit: AIMILAR / Amazon

Those who have bought this product agree on one thing: work hard now so you can play even harder later. This is your motivation.