The Motivational Toilet Paper That’ll Get You Through The Only Alone Time You Have Left

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get all your responsibilities done and to also take care of yourself on top of that. You can’t skip bathroom time, however, so what if there was a way to optimize your time in there? Find your way to self-care with some motivational toilet paper?!

Bathroom Time Is The Only You Time You Get Anymore

Woman sitting on toilet giving peace sign
Photo Credit: Mitchell Orr / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Mitchell Orr / Unsplash

Life’s so busy. Who has the time to meditate anymore? Sometimes, you’re on your last nerve, and all you need is a sign from the world that things are going to be okay. Having this motivational toilet paper guarantees that extra positive push every time you go to the bathroom.

Soon, you’ll find yourself excusing yourself to the bathroom just to have a minute to recharge.

Wipe All Your Troubles Away

bathroom toilet paper with motivational words
Photo Credit: The Blue Panda Store / Amazon
Photo Credit: The Blue Panda Store / Amazon

This toilet paper is the literal clean start you need to feel every time you walk out (of your bathroom). You, your bum, and your spirit deserve nothing short of the best, so you’ll be glad to know the soft, three-ply toilet paper is made of high-quality virgin paper.

The toilet paper roll measures approximately 4 by 4 inches and is 65 feet long.

Your Own Personal Motivational Speaker

toilet paper pile ad with words
Photo Credit: The Blue Panda Store / Amazon
Photo Credit: The Blue Panda Store / Amazon

You don’t have time to listen to endless mediation videos that promise to take your stress away in seven minutes, and you don’t have the money to hire a real-life motivational speaker. Instead, cheap packs of toilet paper that come with 4 rolls and motivational quotes that read “You Can Always Quit, So Why Quit Now?” might just be enough to do the trick.

Since the toilet paper is for decor only and is not flushable, you’ll never have to worry about it running out.