Get Your Own Drinking Buddies So You Don’t Have To Drink Alone Again Tonight

Thanks to the new pandemic world, you can’t really go to parties or drink at the bar hoping to catch a cutie’s eye. But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop! Who cares if you can’t have anyone over when you can have your own set of hunky drinking buddies who’ll keep you company all night long?

Please drink responsibly and don’t accidentally swallow a small plastic muscle man in a lonely, drunken fugue state.

A Hottie With A Body

Get the home bar open, your Drinking Buddies have arrived! They’re the perfect guests who sit pretty without forcing you to make small talk, daring you to chug your drink, trying to make a move on you, or puking in your bathroom.

drinking buddies in the box
Photo Credit: NPW / Amazon
Photo Credit: NPW / Amazon

This party favor is made to make you feel like the bachelorette with 12 hunky drinking buddies.

Claim Your Favorite Hunk

Not only do these little men look good in speedos, but they make great drink markers. They even come with a pen so you can give each one a name. This avoids real guests from mixing up drinks or just you from mixing up your wines. Their hands easily attach to the edge of the glass.

writing name on drinking buddy with marker
Photo Credit: NPW / Amazon
Photo Credit: NPW / Amazon

These boys don’t have any commitment issues like most men today and they have no fear of labels. In fact, they’re happy to have you write your name on their bum to ensure everyone knows he’s yours.

A Man Who Will Guard Your Drink Instead Of Drinking It On You

These handsome lads will look after your drink all night. In fact, the uniformed boys are ready to leap into action to mind your drink.

little men hanging on champagne glasses
Photo Credit: NPW / Amazon
Photo Credit: NPW / Amazon

Let’s just say these boys love to party and they’ll keep you young. So get drinkin’!