Slap Your Dog’s Face On All The Pics Of Your Ex With These Custom Stickers

Just because they’re out of the picture, it doesn’t mean you have the hide how bomb you looked in the pictures you took together, or discard the memories of cool places you went.

Instead, pretend you went with your dog, a much more loyal and loving creature who will never break your heart.

As Easy As Saying “Boy, Bye”

poloraid picture memories
Photo Credit: Octavio J Gacia
Photo Credit: Octavio J Gacia

No need to spend hours tearing up and burning all the picture memories while having a sob-fest. Instead, have a photoshoot with your precious pup, and upload their best model shot.

Soon enough, you’ll get their face in the mail on a sticker, and you can stick it on every single one of your ex’s pictures so that you can smile at it instead. It’ll be therapeutic.