Finally, Something Useful You Can Do With All The Cat Hair That’s Taking Over

You don’t want people to assume that you’re a lonely old cat lady, but at the same time, you can’t help the cat hair literally sticking to every surface imaginable. It’s like it creates itself out of thin air and you can’t even keep up with the lint roller.

Perhaps, if you gathered enough of it, you could turn it into a craft and actually knit it into something useful.

Give The Cat Hair Right Back To Those Who Judged You On It

For every person who made a comment about you having one too many cats or suggesting that you leave the cats for a night and go on a date, give them some cat hair.

example of cat crafted out of cat fur
Photo Credit: Amazon Customer / Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon Customer / Amazon

Crafting With Cat Hair shows readers how to transform clumps of fur into soft handcrafts. You can make your friends little fur puppets with clear and easy-to-follow instructions from this book, and prove to them that you’re doing just fine.

Turn Innocent Love Into A Business

You could even start a business, all thanks to your furry friends, and sell everything from kitty tote bags and finger puppets to fluffy cat toys and picture frames, which are all included in the book’s how-to guide.

crafting book with cat and hand puppet
Photo Credit: Kaori Tsutaya / Amazon
Photo Credit: Kaori Tsutaya / Amazon

These DIY products will be cat-friendly, eco-friendly, and yet won’t require any special equipment or training. Plus, they all take under an hour, so you can still have a life despite what others think of you.

The One Who Came Up With This Genius Idea

The author behind this creative use of cat fur is Kaori Tsutaya. She is a cat lover and freelance writer based in Tokyo.

inside the book example of gloves
Photo Credit: Kaori Tsutaya / Amazon
Photo Credit: Kaori Tsutaya / Amazon

She has published professionally published books on crafting, photographs, and articles—all about cats! So, basically, she probably knows better than your judgy friends.