ER Doctors Share Their Wildest Stories And We’re Never Getting Sick Again

Hospitals aren’t fun places for anybody, whether you’re working or visiting. It’s supposed to be all normal sick people, but once in a while you get someone in there who’s just so very unique in their own way and they provide us with some quality stories. But whatever we’ve seen in the waiting room, doctors and nurses have seen wilder things behind the curtain.

These brave medically-certified souls have shared their most insane stories with us and let me just say I’m absolutely baffled how some of these people lived long enough to get sick.

Carpet Shopping Doesn’t Stop When You’re On Meds

carpet guy
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

This anesthesiologist had the pleasure of helping an avid HGTV fan like the rest of us when they were working. Honestly, this patient is a major mood that we can all relate to. It would’ve been weird if he asked for a sample though.