E-Boys, VSCO Girls, And Soft Teen Explainers For Anyone Else Completely Confused

The internet isn’t the place you thought you understood anymore and that’s totally okay. You’ve gone online and seen all these quizzes and Instagram models rocking the “pastel goth” aesthetic, whatever that is, and commenting sksksksk on everything and maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take my hand because you’re not alone in this bizarre world.

We are so far past hipsters, punks, and goths now that the new people baby boomers are shaking their fists at are teens wearing Nike Air Force ones everywhere. So let’s embrace new horizons together, starting with sussing out what exactly’s so great about Nalgene.

The VSCO Girl

vsco gal
Photo Credit: @vittinatta26 / Instagram
Photo Credit: @vittinatta26 / Instagram

She’s like the “girl next door” except she’s actually at that cute little coffee place with paper straws you’ve never heard of. She’s all about spreading positivity, saving the bees, wearing fleece, and tweeting about her depression in a funny cute way.