People Who Made Delicious Lemonade When Life Gave Them Rotten Lemons

If there’s anything that we’ve all learned, it’s that bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. It’s unavoidable, so the important thing is to learn how to deal with in a positive fashion.

We can sit and cry about spilled milk, or we can call the cat to clean it up. If the cat doesn’t come, call the dog, and if the dog doesn’t come, lick it up yourself. Staying positive and making light of a crappy situation is the mark of a great person.

Enough Is Enough

At some point enough is enough and you have to put the writing on the wall. Getting rear-ended once is an inconvenience, but getting rear-ended 14 different times calls for a plea to the public. It’s cheaper to buy a customized license plate than to get an entirely new back end so this is a smart tactic.

That’s A Big Sale

It would probably be hard to find the humor in a pickup truck crashing through your business window, but this company was able to do it. Not only were they able to find some comedy in the event, but, they were able to use it to their advantage by cleverly advertising in a way that would ‘drive’ more traffic to their store.

Scar Wars

This is by far the coolest “Scar Art” that has been floating around the internet. First of all, scars, in general, add character to your skin and can sometimes even look cool on their own. This Darth Vader connection is creative and deserves all of the recognition it’s gotten.

“It Needs A Bit Of Work”

Sometimes you have to throw a 50-yard pass into triple coverage to spice things up. What does that statement have to do with this picture? Not much at all other than both the QB and this guy deserve credit for at least trying to get things done. Look, in real estate, you buy low and sell high so I’m assuming this “fixer-upper” is getting a lot of hits.

Don’t Stop The Party

The police putting you in the back of a cop car because you were partying too hard should just be seen as a mere recommendation to stop. This is like when your parents come to pick you up early from a birthday party but you and your friends are just starting to feel the sugar rush from all the Coca-Cola that was drunk.

When life gives you a real-life cougar, you sell it on Kijiji. Right? Or no? Find out just ahead.

Oh Hey, Ladies

Nothing more attractive than being hooked up to some medical equipment. He’s smart by appealing to the lowest common denominator in that he’s offering oxygen, which is necessary for everyone. By then offering saline to treat dehydrated individuals it also opens up to the almost 75% of Americans who don’t get the recommended 10 cups of water a day and are considered chronically dehydrated.

Too Real

Let’s take a moment to talk about how annoying it is when your screen cracks. First of all, it seems that even flicking a screen nowadays results in a full shattering of the screen. This person was creative enough to see the true beauty in their cracked screen and turned it into Spiderman’s webbing.

Cougar’s Running Rampant

Look, if you have a cougar prancing around your yard you might as well make the most of it. Although they are known to be very dangerous, it’s common knowledge that they usually have a soft spot for Nanas. While it has been seen mauling middle-aged people, it wouldn’t dare attack a Nana who could potentially be cooking it a nice hearty meal.


If your window is going to get smashed in, at least be able to have some fun with it by making your daughter look like the next mixed martial arts superstar. Ronda Rousey called, she wants her high kick back. After seeing this picture, no one is going to be messing with this little girl in the schoolyard, and rightly so.

Useful Resources

Suits are expensive. Like, really expensive. If you’re running low on funds but still need to take a classy LinkedIn picture, you can improvise with the resources around you. Taking black pants and angeling them in a way that makes it look like a suit jacket is probably one of the smartest ideas to get around having to buy a $1000 outfit.

Well That’s Just Bizarre

Weird, bulging skin tags can be crippling emotionally because the mutation is usually aesthetically unpleasing. This person embraced her skin tag by painting it like a sixth nail. Think of it as the runt of the litter, but instead of excluding it, the rest of the family includes it. Lame analogy, but bear with me.

Wildly Appropriate

Both bankruptcy and divorce are valid reasons to hit up the liquor store, which is why this store placement is very convenient. Studies show that liquor stores that are neighbors to divorce lawyers do almost twice as well in terms of sales. Now, that study isn’t true but notice how you didn’t even question it? It makes sense.


There are a few reasons why you have to make your dog turn into a destructive walking lamp shade. No dog enjoys having their vision decreased and see a significant increase in knocking items off the coffee table. It’s scientifically proven that dogs will only enjoy this if they’re turned into a martini glass.

Scalp Goat

Many will argue that receding hairlines are caused by genetics but this picture is telling us otherwise. This guy’s hair is being eaten alive by scalp goats that are constantly overlooked as the main perpetrators of hair loss. This picture shows exactly how they work, and it’s quite gruesome. Sorry for this NSFW photo.

Stick People Advertising

Can we talk about how irrelevant these stick people families are on the back of cars in the first place? Why are they there? No one is interested in how many kids you have in your family, or how many pets you have. This method of attracting a date might actually work though. It’s advertising to thousands of people weekly which, given the odds, should at least land this guy one or two dates.

A Jurassic Mistake

The only logical way to cover up a scratch mark that looks like a T-Rex had its way with your car is to fully embrace the Jurassic Park theme. As cool as the Jurassic Park logo is, it should have been a picture of shirtless Jeff Goldbloom. Anything that a shirtless Jeff Goldbloom touches is always gold, it’s even in his name.

Lauren Who?

Getting a tattoo of your significant other’s name on your body is almost never a good idea. Even couples who seem super in love can find themselves going their separate ways day the road. This dude made a questionable tattoo choice but by the looks of it, he’s making the most of this tragic love story.

TMNT Is At It Again

Car crashes suck, period. No one wants to deal with costly repairs and insurance claims or the cosmetic damage to their car. Obviously, this driver wasn’t able to afford (or just didn’t want to shell out cash) to repair their bumper. This is a great way to make light out of a crap situation, and hey, this dude might have an art career ahead of him.

At Least She Apologized

This girl truly had the best intentions. She just wanted to surprise her friend and tell her how proud she was of her. Her plan was soon foiled, however, when she realized she was writing on the wrong person’s car. At least she apologized for her mistake?

This Guy Who Didn’t Have Any Floaties

At the beach and forgot your floaties? No problem. Just chug eight two-liter bottles of your favorite soda and then fashion them around your growing waist. Ok, so I don’t actually recommend doing this because 1) you should keep your sugar intake to a minimum and 2) this will 100 percent not save you if you are actually drowning. It’s the thought that counts though.

I Want A Friend Like This

One of life’s smallest yet most annoying problems is forgetting to pack silverware with your lunch. It’s not always easy finding utensils to swipe and eating certain dishes with your hands can take away from the overall experience. No fear though — with a plastic knife, rubberband, and toothpicks, this person was able to fashion a makeshift fork for their friend.

These Kids Are The Future

One of the positive things about snowy weather is that it might result in a snow day. But when these kids learned their school wasn’t in fact closing after the sky dumped a foot of snow on them, they took matters into their own hands. We have to give it to them for making moves even if this didn’t work.


Spray paint is incredibly hard to remove so when someone writes some incredibly disrespectful stuff on a wall it can be difficult to cover up. Fortunately, there are creative people out there who can turn even the worst graffiti into hilarious works of art. Lest we forget how revolutionary Windows 95 was and the hours of looking at that logo while our computers loaded.

When Your Phone Is Jacked Up

Dropping your phone sucks, but it happens, and for those of us who are especially unlucky, the screen shatters. Since not everyone can afford to go out and get a brand-spankin’ new phone, that’s where a little creativity can make a crap situation a little less terrible.

An Injury Won’t Stop This Dude

Life threw major lemons at this dude when he broke his leg and wound up needing crutches. But rather than laying low for eight weeks, he decided to get out there and make the best of this situation. He should honestly patent these crutches and make millions.

If Only All Porta-Potties Were Like This

Using a porta potty is one of life’s little nuisances. While there are no actual statistics on how awful people truly think porta potties are, it’s safe to say no one likes using them and you’re usually a worse person when you exit one. That is…until some angelic being turned this porta potty into a beautiful sanctuary.

“I Think I’ll Ski To Work Today”

Snow sucks. It’s cold and wet and the opposite of the nice, warm, tropical beaches I prefer to spend my life on. But when you live in a snowy climate, you have two choices: succumb to seasonal depression or make the best out of it like this guy.

When You’re Snowed In

Speaking of snow, there’s more than one way to make the most of it. Case in point, these roommates who cleverly turned what looks like four-plus feet of snow into a beer fridge. Brilliant.

Honestly, She’s Not Wrong

I want to find this woman and be friends with her because she speaks the truth and I need more of that in my life. Sure, lying about using performance-enhancing drugs isn’t exactly the chill thing to do, but Tricky makes a very, very good point.

When Life Throws A Bad Contractor Your Way

I have lots of questions about this photo. First, what terrible contractor thinks it’s fine and dandy to put a huge pole in the middle of someone’s driveway? Second, when will it be removed? We may never know the answers, but at least this homeowner is making the best of this situation (and shooting some hoops) in the meantime.

Fancy A Game Of Chess?

Traffic jams are universally hated. Stop-and-go traffic is annoying and dangerous to drive in and traffic jams just make us late and frustrated. Fortunately for these guys who were stuck in traffic, they decided to make the best out of the situation and brush up on their chess skills.

No-fin’ To See Here

Losing an arm is something most of us can’t even imagine—but after losing his arm, this guy was determined to make the best out of a bad situation. A lover of sea life, and especially dolphins, he had this hyper-realistic tattoo completed.


As we’ve said, getting in a car crash sucks. But not all of us can afford to repair our vehicles when we get into accidents. This driver opted for a silly decal of the Monty Python line “‘Tis but a scratch,’ instead of shelling out dough for a repair. Honestly, the decal was much cheaper and, in my opinion, the better option anyway.

Nice Day For A Swim

Living in Florida, you’re bound to deal with a hurricane or two in your lifetime. So it’s best to be prepared when one hits. And by ‘be prepared,’ I really mean be prepared to make the best of torrential rain, flooding, and general inconvenience. These guys get it.

We’re Coming To Your House Next Year!

This family photo just gets better and better the longer you look at it. When this group gathered to celebrate the holidays, mom’s cooking went terribly, terribly wrong. They knew their house was screwed so they opted to get at least one good thing out of this crappy day: a very memorable family snapshot.


This is every homeowner’s nightmare. Tree removal ain’t cheap, and look at the once-nicely-manicured lawn! The horror! At least these people know how to make the best lemonade out of the lemon they were given. They probably had the best decorations on the block for Halloween this year.

What Flash Flood?

When the Weather Channel warms you there will be torrential rain in your area, you make the best of it. What does make the best of it really mean? It means you grab your favorite floating lounge chair, throw on your best bathing suit, grab an umbrella, and enjoy your new waterfront property.

Moldy Christmas

I can’t stop hearing “We wish you a moldy Christmas” in my head. Honestly, this is pretty gross because, hey, it’s mold. But you know, offices, schools, and any building unfortunate enough to have these eyesores of a ceiling have to deal with these spots. At least they’re making the best of it.

This Problem Solver

Cushions are obviously an important part of any couch — so if one of your couch cushions gets ruined or lost (I’m sure this has actually happened), you need a solution. Buying a new couch cushion isn’t always easy, but this guy is clearly a problem solver.

Who Knew Pencils Were Multi-Purpose?

Walking into a bathroom stall only to realize the lock is broken is one of life’s little annoyances. But rather than looking for another stall, this guy took matters into his own hands. He flexed those MacGyve muscles and was able to move on with his day.

Okay, Maybe Don’t Do This

When life gives you an impossibly small apartment with no room to dry your dishes, make lemonade by hanging them outside like this person! Actually, don’t do that. Please never do this and please remove this photo from the internet because it gives me anxiety.

This Girl Who Wasn’t Going To Let Missing Handlebars Get In The Way

Who says you need handlebars to ride a bike? Ok, probably everyone, but that’s not the point. When this little girl needed to new handlebars, she didn’t sweat it. Instead, she repurposed an old Nintendo 64 controller to use as handlebars. Clever, but we hope she has a helmet.

The Happiest Cone Of Shame

This dog said no to lemons and yes to the biggest, sweet pitcher of lemonade on the planet…or in the dog bowl? Just look at her sweet face She doesn’t care that she has to wear a cone of shame because she’s too stoked on all of those toys.

Follow The Lego-Brick Road

Who needs city planners when you have Lego enthusiasts? One small, missing brick won’t get these citizens down — no, not when their local Lego builder is around.

Like Clockwork

When this clock fell off the wall and partially broke, it was about to say hello to the trash. But one brave student was about to let those lemons sit without a little squeezing. Clearly, he flexed his greatest art skills to recreate that clock.

That’s One Way To Do It

You know what they say…it’s not stupid if it works. And that’s exactly how I feel about this picture. Sure, this fan duct taped to the ceiling is a total eyesore. But did it cool down the room? Well, ok, actually I’m not sure.

A Health Insurance Claim Waiting To Happen

So, I gotta give it to this guy for not giving in and buying a new bicycle. But with that being said, I hope he’s taking some serious precautions on the road and wearing five helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and full body armor.

Let There Be Light

Who needs a regular lamp when you could have this light up your home? This gal wasn’t going to let a little faulty light fixture get her down. Instead, she fashioned an old coat hanger into a sort-of chandelier-esque lamp. It worked! Kind of.

Just Do It

When life gives you lemons (broken bones), make lemonade (a beautiful Nike shoe design on your cast). We’re glad to see he’s not letting a little injury keep him from balling.

Literal Loafers

Don’t have shoes? No problem! This guy is a shining example of not letting life’s lemons get you down. Sure, he didn’t have shoes when he needed them, but he found a crafty solution. These definitely won’t last for more than 30 minutes, but it’s the thought that counts, right..? Right.

Ah, Waterfront Dining

Honestly, we should all be a little more like this McDonalds. They weren’t going to some minor (ok, it’s pretty serious actually) flooding get them down. Instead, they wanted to encourage customers to come in an enjoy the “waterfront dining.”

A Natural Skateboard Ramp

When life throws a catastrophic and potentially deadly sinkhole your way, don’t let it get you down! Instead of letting it get you down, grab the nearest skateboard and shred the gnar.

The Next Amelia Earhart

This little girl’s parents deserve an award. When she had to wear a helmet for neurological reasons, they made sure she was going to do so in style. Who knows, maybe she really will be the next Amelia Earhart.

This Guy With A Perfect Halloween Costume

Losing a limb is difficult, no matter who you are. Besides going through physical struggles, losing a limb brings on waves of emotional struggles too. That’s why it’s awesome to see this guy make the absolute best of his situation with this creative costume.

…And This Girl With A Perfect Halloween Costume

Speaking of creative Halloween costumes, here’s another. We have to give it to this woman for not letting her disability get in the way. Instead, she made light of the situation and got an awesome costume out of it too.

Yoshi Approved

No kid wants to wear a patch over their eye. It’s already irritating enough to have to wear one, so the usual lackluster design just adds insult to injury. So when this little guy had to wear an eye patch his dad found a stylish solution. I’m sensing a fashion trend coming.

No Come Of Shame Here

Having to wear the cone of shame is one of the worst things imaginable for cats and dogs. But when life gave this dogs a bunch of lemons, he clearly turned them into a big ol’ batch of lemonade. Just look at the smiling face. He’s totally rocking his cone and looking damn cute while doing it.