‘Genius’ Man Tips Woman $300 In Torn Bills, Promises ‘Other Half’ If She Goes Out With Him

When you finally get the nerve to ask someone out on a date, it can be nerve-wracking wondering whether they’ll say yes or no. But have you ever tried to use bribery as a form of enticement?

One woman on TikTok is sharing her story of a man’s ploy at getting her to go on a date with him, and while it turned out to actually be more comical than suave, it’s proof of what lengths some people will go to.

Date Night

Nothing makes your heart flutter quite like going on a date with someone who you’ve been interested in for a while. But working up the courage to ask them out requires courage and everyone has their own method of asking.

Man approaches woman while holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back.
Photo Credit: vjapratama / Pexels
Photo Credit: vjapratama / Pexels

With soft lighting, glasses of wine, and a plated dinner, you wonder where the night will take you and if it has the potential to turn into something more. But let’s step back—first, she has to actually say yes. But if she politely declines, shouldn’t that be the end of it?

The TikTok

Cassie Holland, also known as @cassholland on TikTok, recently went viral for an encounter she had with a man and the bizarre way he tried to ask her out on a date. The video has been viewed 1.5 million times and has received nearly a quarter of a million likes.

She begins the video by asking viewers, “I just need to know if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else.”

Not Your Usual Day At Work

“What the hell is this?” she first asks. “$300 in half. So how did we get here? You’re probably thinking that someone tried to trick me and short me, but oh no—this man had bigger plans in mind.”

Row of green golf carts on a lush golf course.
Photo Credit: Dean / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Dean / Unsplash

Cassie works on a golf course as a cart girl, and one day while at work, she was serving a man who was buying rounds of drinks for himself and his friends, but was tipping well and being friendly. Suddenly, he asks Cassie a question.

Do You Want To Go On A Date?

The man is from out of town but asks if Cassie will go out to dinner with him. She politely declines because she has other plans. He then tells her to cancel her plans and instead go out on a date with him, but once again, Cassie refuses. So, he decides to make her an offer.

Cassie holds out the torn $300 in bills
Photo Credit: @cassholland / TikTok
Photo Credit: @cassholland / TikTok

“And then he takes these out,” she says. “He says, ‘Look, I’ll give you these now and if you meet me in front of this casino at nine, I’ll give you the other halves.'”

A Not-So-Well-Thought-Out Plan

By this point, Cassie realizes that this man clearly had this idea all planned out, but she tells him not to go through with it because either way, she’s not going out on a date.

A $50 bill torn in half and attached back together with a bandage.
Photo Credit: cottonbro / Pexels
Photo Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

After the man and his group of friends leave, she notices that he still put the ripped $300 in cash in her golf cart drink holder. “So now I have this completely useless $300—just $300 down the drain that nobody can use because I’m not going,” she says.

All For Nothing

Cassie then explains that at first, she was mad, but then came to realize that she hadn’t lost anything of importance. She then wonders aloud whether this man’s “plan” has ever truly worked before on any woman.

Cassie holding three ripped $100 and looking at them
Photo Credit: @cassholland / TikTok
Photo Credit: @cassholland / TikTok

She ends the video by saying, “It’s funny because he probably thinks he’s a genius. But, he really just lost $300 for nothing.”