Obviously Hilarious (And Maybe Desperate) Man Uses Billboard To Try And Get A Date

Dating is obviously rough. Any of us who are brave enough to try it know this. It seems like every day there are new ways to meet people and it can be overwhelming. Dating apps are all the rage now, but while they work for some people they come with a whole bunch of their problems.

As for meeting people the “old fashioned way”? Yeah right. We’re all too anxious for that. So, where does that leave us? What can we do?

There is one man who is giving something new a try but it’s…a little crazy.

Mark Rofe Has Decided He’s Going To Go Big, And Hopefully Not Go Home Alone

Mark's billboard
Photo Credit: Dating Mark
Photo Credit: Dating Mark

He spent £425 (AKA nearly $550 USD) on this billboard that’s posted in Manchester near his home town of Sheffield, England. The billboard has a link you can use to find his website where all his information is listed.

And He’s Serious…It’s Actually A Pretty Nice Website

a picture of Mark thinking
Photo Credit: Dating Mark
Photo Credit: Dating Mark

He describes himself as “extremely handsome and modest” and explains, “You’re probably here because you’re interested in dating me (thank you, I’m flattered), or you’re just wondering wtf this website is about.

I bought a billboard in Manchester and made this website because I’m single, all my friends are getting married, and I’m struggling to get a date.”

He Even Has A ‘Facts And Stats’ Section Where He Shares All His Important Information In Case You’re Interested

Mark holding a book that says,
Photo Credit: Dating Mark
Photo Credit: Dating Mark

Height – 6ft

Length of index finger – 6.82cm

Friends – 2

Eye colour – #4e4f5f

Location – Sheffield

Shoe size – 10

Number of Girls Kissed – Over 3

He Is Pretty Cute, Right?

total applications from Mark's website
Photo Credit: Dating Mark
Photo Credit: Dating Mark

His site says that so far, he’s had over two thousand applications. In an interview with Metro, he said, “Unfortunately, half are men, but I’m still very flattered,” so it isn’t quite working yet, but we will keep our fingers crossed for you, Mark!

If you want to check out his website, go to https://datingmark.co.uk/