These Yearbook Entries Will Laugh A Lifetime

While some people want to portray themselves in their yearbook in the best light possible, others wish to embarrass themselves. These are the people you should be friends with — non-egotistical and funny people who aren’t afraid to be self-deprecating and sometimes brutally honest.

From making fun of their own appearance to hilarious quotes that will make their parents cringe, a yearbook is a canvas for creative expression. Yearbooks are journeys into the past that most us don’t want to relive anyways, so why not have fun with it? These incredibly funny yearbook entries will have you wishing you were back in high school, which you probably didn’t think was possible.

Have you ever wondered what a swordfish would look like if it was a student in a yearbook? That’s coming up shortly.


Who knew that someone could be so well rehearsed in the Wookie language of Shryiiwook? It’s a tough dialect to be able to nail, and an even harder language to put on paper, so kudos to Diane. Look out Han Solo because it looks like you might have some competition in the “Chewbacca’s my best friend” department.

Speaking Of Chewbacca

Breaking news! We have found the graduation photo of Chewy, and it has a lot more volume than we ever imagined. Who knew Chewbacca put THIS much effort into his hair in the morning? I can literally smell the fumes of the hairspray just looking at this picture and it’s amazing.

Really Photogenic

This is the face someone makes when they are on their first day of vacation in Europe and realize they left their stove on. This kid looks like he just went in to kiss a girl, only to have her say, “I just like you as a friend”. He definitely just asked for a Pepsi at a restaurant only to hear the dreaded words, “We don’t have Pepsi, is Coke okay?” to which you CAN’T say no.

What do Zachary and a single mom have in common? Find out just ahead.


Moms who eat a significant amount of dairy products are more likely to birth twins, according to a study done in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Mothers of twins are also generally taller than average because they have more insulin-like growth factor (IGF). What is IGF you ask? Good question.

Poodle In The Front

This gentleman’s hair screams business in the front, party on the sides AND party in the back. If he was dog breed he would without a doubt be a standard poodle who probably won one of those dog grooming contests. Fun fact about poodles — they are generally more aggressive than pit bulls and if that’s any indication of this guy, stay away.

Living Other Lives

When you’re literally the exact opposite of someone, it’s hard to relate to them. It’s hard to be Brittany Spears during her 2008 breakdown when you’re actually Beyonce during her Destiny Child days. It’s tough to be Oprah Winfrey when you’re really just a gas station attendant in Circle, Montana. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is an important trait to have, but sometimes it’s just unattainable empathy.

Looking Sharp

What is THAT? This dude is walking around with a deadly weapon attached to his head and it’s, uh, kind of iconic. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen this kid before it was probably in that episode of Deadliest Catch when the guys reeled in that massive swordfish. What do you tell the barber to get a cut like this? “Make me look like a needle, please”.

Like The Nursery Rhyme

You’re not fooling anyone “Joe” Mcdonald. We know you have a farm, E-I-E-I-O. On that farm you had some chicks, E-I-E-I-O. With an ex-girlfriend here, and an ex-girlfriend there, here an ex, there an ex, everywhere an ex ex. Okay, that’s the end of the cringe-worthy re-vamped nursery rhymes. Really sorry for that.

Mind Blown

This is one of those moments where you just have to question everything you’ve ever known because this is a legitimate point. Has anyone ever tried to plant a Cheerio? No. What if we’ve been eating donut seeds for breakfast with absolutely no remorse or consequence? That’s absolute blasphemy and needs to be scientifically examined to find out the truth.

Low Key

This guy has a serious passion for his high school. School isn’t just about learning, it’s about the experiences and knowledge you acquire from outside of the classroom as well. This kid obviously LOVED his time at Weston High and even though his grades struggled, he was still able to recognize the many aspects of high school that will benefit him going forward. In fact, if he’s not going back for a voluntary grade 13 it would be shocking.

Wait Till You See My Instagram Though

Growing up in the age of social media has given way to deep-rooted trust issues. Your Instagram and Facebook only show your best self and a mere facade of how you want people to perceive you. For example, on Facebook, this girl and her boyfriend look like the perfect couple who never fight, but in reality, they are fighting every night because of her indecisiveness on what she wants to eat.

Not Like The Movies

High School Musical was a generational movie whether you want to believe it or not. Every guy wanted to be Zac Efron and every girl wanted to be with him. Unfortunately, it’s a fantasy and Seth had to find that out the hard way. You can’t just dribble a basketball down the hallway without getting in trouble like they do at East High School in the movies. You can’t just break out into a song and dance number in the middle of class without promptly getting sent to the principal’s office.

High School Was Lit

First of all, Randey, riding a bike is not easy. He probably hasn’t tried to peddle his way through gravel if he’s going to disregard the difficulty of keeping your balance on a two-wheeler. Not to mention the distraction of shifting from gear one to gear five while also attempting to look straight ahead — impossible doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Different Perspectives

What do plants do other than helping to make the oxygen we breathe? They just sit there flapping in the wind like those floppy inflatable tubes that you see at “hip” car dealerships. Ankit is eating his greens not because he wants to get healthy, but for revenge against every vegetable and plant that’s ever broke his heart in the past.

The Softer Fall

Love has its ups and downs. Falling for someone can be emotionally taxing and require countless hours of dedication. Jessica carefully weighed the pros and cons of falling love and put them up against falling asleep. Unsurprisingly, falling asleep won handily because there is literally no cons. There’s no emotional rollercoaster involved, no heartbreak, no pretending to enjoy sharing a bed with someone. Only happiness.

If you think the best things in life are free, you won’t want to miss what this kid put as his yearbook quote.

It’s All In The Mindset

Madi is preaching to the choir with this prophetic quote. It’s this type of inspirational pick me up that will get us through the day. An XL pizza is recommended to be shared by four people, but when have recommendations ever been right? For instance, if you buy a baseball bat on Amazon it literally “recommends” you buy a three-holed balaclava because it assumes you’re going to rob a bank. Eat that dang XL by yourself Madi. You go girl.

Walking That Fine Line

Having a best friend who is honest should be a prerequisite, but sometimes the honesty makes for some nasty reality. If your best friend doesn’t insult you on a daily basis are they really your best friend? Your BFF can get away with saying a lot of borderline offensive things because you know deep down they really care about you and are just joking. If you’re Alexandra’s “best friend”, run. Run far away.

It’s The Little Things

No moment should be taken for granted and no moment should be left unappreciated. This kid is very right about the best things in life being free, like when you make that yellow light you didn’t think you had the chance of making, or waking up and realizing you still have longer to sleep. Going to the freezer to get cake is definitely up there, but has he ever unexpectedly found 10 dollars in his pocket?

Already 3/4 Attractive

It’s near impossible to find someone who you get along with 3/4 of the time. People are confusing, send mixed signals, and love to play emotional mind games. Water does none of those things, which is why getting married to water sounds like a great idea. It would be the healthiest relationship you could be in and it’s more transparent than anyone you’ve ever met. Match made in liquid heaven.

Feel Free To Be Someone Else

It’s important to be yourself until you remember you’re not Angelina Jolie, in which case you can just stop being yourself. If you were one of the kids who lined up giddily to scream the morning announcements over the PA system, definitely pretend you were not one of those kids. If you were someone who turned into a reincarnated version of the devil as soon as a substitute teacher walked through the door, definitely pretend you were someone else, because you suck.

Wise Words Of Wisdom

Parents can put a lot of pressure on you, and usually, it’s hard to live up to their expectations. At a certain point, you’ve just got to do you. We should all be striving for A’s, but it’s also important to discover who you are as a person. I mean, we all know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. What else is there to know?