Yellowstone Finally Gets With The Times And Hires First Female Chief Ranger

Yellowstone National Park recently announced they hired their first female chief ranger. Sarah David is the park’s 19th chief ranger. Although other females have held the role temporarily in the past, David will be the first official female to be a chief ranger in the park’s 147-year history.

“Sarah is an outstanding leader with a track record of high performance, strategic thinking, and collaboration,” Superintendent Cam Sholly told CNN.

She has 20 years of experience working in national parks, having previously held positions in seven other parks. She will act as chief of resource and visitor protection at Yellowstone where she will oversee the performances of law enforcement, emergency services, and much more.

She officially begins her new role this coming December. We’re all about this female empowerment and wish Davis good luck, though we’re sure she doesn’t need it!