People Who Messed Up Real Good But Are Staying Strong Through The Struggle

We all make mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from those mishaps. It’s easy to go “woe is me,” and those struggles make you wonder why you got a taste of karma to begin with. It happens to everyone though, so just take the good with the bad and keep on pushing through with a smile on your face.

Your Daughter’s Special Day

This is every girl’s nightmare coming to life. The father of the bride should have a pretty easy day, but the one rule they have to abide by is to be sure to have your pants on during your daughter’s wedding day. Let’s just assume that her dad had the pants ripped off by something sharp without even realizing it. Now all I can picture is the two of them walking down the aisle to ‘Here Comes The Bride’.

There’s A First For Everything

The only bad mistake I made on my first attempt at doing laundry was mixing my whites with red. It happened in my first year of college and I’ve learned a lot since then. Perhaps this individual forgot to take out the lint from the dryer. That’s a rookie mistake right there.

One Is The Loneliest Number

Gee, thanks for making a pizza with one pepperoni for just four dollars. Even broke college students wouldn’t be foolish enough to make a purchase like this. Pizza gets most college students through however many years they’re there, but I don’t think this is going to do the job. If you need something to heat it up, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Spoiler Alert

You don’t want to screw around with anybody who hasn’t seen the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. This IT guy is so savage that he’ll do some serious damage to your computer if you spill the beans about the latest episode. Don’t worry, I’m sure it was the same when it came to Breaking Bad.

U2 Is Too Short


Apple has a lot of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to phone security. Also, U2 is a band and not a singer. Bono is the lead of the band and this person could have gotten away with using his name since it is more than three characters. We clearly have a poser on our hands.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Our hearts have a desire for pizza. When you have leftover pizza with access to an iron and a hairdryer, anything is possible. If your dorm doesn’t give you access to an oven or a microwave, you’d better put that engineering degree to good use. That pizza would go great with a bottle of wine if you can cork the bottle without breaking it!

Pound The Alarm

Struggling to get out of bed in the morning is hard enough as it is. Someone like me would get aggravated by this many alarms going off every ten minutes for almost two hours. At least they know who they are, and know they can’t be counted on. One alarm should be enough for anybody, that’s why you drink coffee in the morning!

It’s Not Pikachu

Pokemon fans would give themselves a double facepalm after seeing this. It looks like Harry Potter’s scar or maybe a bit like a lightning bolt that struck poor Pikachu. Whoever did this, great job on ruining my childhood. You clearly had one job and failed miserably at it. Why would he have two tails?

Cork Screwed

Corkscrews don’t seem trustworthy, which is why I go for any bottle of wine that is not corked. While some might consider that classless, it’s at least practical. When a bottle costs $7, there’s no need to pretend to be dining with the Queen. Sure, this person might have been excited or stressed out, but at least they don’t have to drink it from a tiny straw!

Worst Spot On The Bus

If you’re having a bad day, just remember that there’s always someone who’s having a worse one. This poor commuter wanted to get off the bus, but she’s going to have to wait until the next stop to get off after this. Maybe we gave the bus drivers too much power.

How Did The Dog Get In There?

It looks like this four-legged friend wanted to have a nap on the hammock. Clearly, hammocks are not for dogs, for obvious reasons. The dog has a mixed look of utter defeat and “this is fine,” and clearly his little pooch pal isn’t going to be able to help out.

The Final Straw

Folks, we have ourselves a first world problem right here. You can’t enjoy an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts in this condition. This must be some kind of choking hazard. Budget cuts hit the coffee business the hardest. Wait until you see what happens when you get the exact opposite of this from Starbucks!

Pilot Class 101

Occupants of this small aircraft were lucky to get out alive. This Cessna plane managed to get flipped over on its roof on the runway at Wellington Airport in New Zealand. Blustery winds could be a reason why this was tipped over, or maybe they have limited experience flying planes.

A Tattoo Done Too Soon

Fans of Family Guy were celebrating Brian Griffin’s resurrection on the show, but one fan went above and beyond to show his loyalty to his favorite cartoon dog. They’re likely regretting they even got this tattoo of the beloved mutt on the show. This fan probably had serious talks about laser removal surgery after he made this mistake.

Little Cup, Big Straw

This has never happened to me at Starbucks, but I don’t even order their frappucinos so maybe I’m not the best person to ask. At least they can cut the straw with scissors, and probably get two straws out of this. You never know when you might need an extra straw. Imagine buying this then having to study for your midterm and you’re not allowed snacks at the library?

Grammar King

Double whoops! Rocco’s in Wilmington, New York, clearly made a mistake on the billboard. Some people were too busy to find the mistake in ‘cook’, but it’s the ‘to’ and ‘too’ that made this headshake worthy. Maybe this is just a new marketing strategy to get people in the door.

Cats And Plastic

Back at home, we have two cats and one of them has an obsession with plastic. Cats seem to enjoy the feel and texture of plastic, especially from cases of water. This cat did everything it could to try to chew as much plastic as possible, but clearly got a little in over its head. Good luck getting out little one!

No Oreos For You!


I’m curious to know what events occurred that forced this librarian to make this sign. Oreos are such a good snack at the library. They don’t even make a lot of noise compared to eating apples or carrots. One thing is for sure, they must have a connection with the Soup Nazi.

Eyelash Disaster


Girls who want some luscious eyelashes will have to be cautious. You could end up like this girl whose eyelash completely came off! It’s always important to not rush things when it comes to makeup, as every boyfriend ever knows when they patiently wait to go out for the night. Don’t worry, that bad boy is going to grow back, I think…

It Could Happen To Anyone

It’s always easier to push through than pull out. Just ask any high school senior. Pretty much, whenever you see a hole, you have to see if you can fit your hand in it. Maybe he dropped a few gummy bears in there, or was trying to fix a broken wire. Either way, there’s going to be some explaining to do with the doctor.

Why Did I Sign Up For This


This guy probably knew he messed up about a mile into this marathon. While most of the runners around him are happy and appear to be enjoying themselves, this guy truly looks like he is struggling with every step. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to quit! Despite the pained look on his face, you can tell he is determined to finish what he started.

Well, This Is Embarrassing

Whoever submitted this cover design for publishing made a major mistake. Jeffrey Brown is the author of Kids Are Weird, but he probably didn’t intend his book to be interpreted this way. Hopefully, this unfortunate layout didn’t offend anyone and Mr. Brown was able to profit off his hard work.

It Tasted Fine At First

Poor Dan of Twitter didn’t realize that Doggie Sundaes were named so for a very particular reason. Heck, there’s even a dog on the box, but we suppose he just interpreted that as fun packaging. Unfortunately, it took half a cup of dog ice cream for Dan to realize that that’s what he was eating.

I Underestimated My Strength

The look on this guy’s face says it all. He probably didn’t realize how much of a strain this kind gesture would be on his neck, but now he knows. This girl probably doesn’t even weigh much, but something tells us that this guy doesn’t work out much and that he really wants to enjoy this concert while he still can.

A Little Overzealous, Are We?

This Tumblr user got a little too excited when she bought this bubble bath. When it comes to bubble bath soap made specifically for that purpose, more often that not you only need just a cap full of the soap for make a decent amount of bubbles. Something tells us this person just went all in.

A Little Too Hopeful

This Detroit Lions fan was a little too optimistic about the ability of his team to make it to the Super Bowl. He got this tattoo claiming the Lions as 2015 champions, but when the New England Patriots won that year, he crossed out 2015 and got 2016 tattooed at the bottom. Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos won the following year. In fact, the Lions have never even made it to the Super Bowl.

Poor George Brownridge

George Brownridge is probably the best coworker these women have ever had and they tried to thank him publicly with the newspaper announcement on the left. However, that might have been misinterpreted, which prompted the correction on the right that was published the next day. Either way, now the world knows that George is a really nice man.

Maybe Check The Product Details First

This chair looks like an awesome addition to any modern room… that is, if you’re designing a room for a dollhouse. This person ordered the chair on Amazon thinking she was getting a new seat, but when it arrived at her house, she was more than likely surprised to see this.

This Innocent Sandwich Artist

This person was only trying to do their job and they did do it right, so technically there was no messing up here. However, the customer, of course, took it the wrong way and overreacted. Thankfully, this employee’s manager was there to back them up on the situation, but let’s just say you shouldn’t use abbreviations only you would understand.

Breaking The Chain Of Huangs

It looks like this book was destined for people of a certain last name, but leave it to one guy to mess everything up. Stein Acker was the proud owner of this textbook for one year and the cycle could have just been broken from there. But the following year proved that Stein shouldn’t have been issued this book in the first place.

This Person Is Unashamed

Let’s just make that clear. However, people who don’t immediately realize that that’s supposed to be the sign of the cross and that this car owner is unashamed of their faith, might get to thinking that this person is “tuna shamed.” What in the world would that even mean? This person probably doesn’t get the end of it.

The Kiss Of Death In A Relationship

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t affirm your love for someone else with matching tattoos and this is a clear example why. If you’re going to do so, at least plan it out a little better. Christopher had no shame letting this couple know that their tattoos pretty much state the opposite of what they were going for.

She Still Looks Good Though


Despite the fact that this girl’s mirror selfie is pretty much on point, it took someone photobombing the picture for her to realize she wasn’t even in the right bathroom. That must have been pretty embarrassing, but hey, she doesn’t look fazed one bit. That’s the face of confidence right there.

The New Scarlet Letter


This person got “I Am A Lying [Expletive]” spraypainted on the windows of their car. We’d like to be optimistic and say that it’s just window marker, but the fact that this person didn’t already take us off tells us that it’s a little more permanent. This person probably cheated in some way and now she has to live with everyone knowing it.

There’s No Turning Back Now


It looks like this person made a delicious latte for breakfast and couldn’t think of a better way to top it off than with a light dusting of cinnamon. Unfortunately, they grabbed the wrong bottle out of the spice cabinet and sprinkled cayenne pepper on their latte instead. This latte is now a little hotter than they’d hoped.

Don’t Mind Me, Just Hanging Out


This guy has some explaining to do. How one would even puncture a hole through their bedroom floor is beyond us, but this guy did it and now he has direct access to the living room. All he would need to do is install a fire pole so that traveling down won’t be as dangerous.

This Person Wasn’t Very SMART


Whoever decided to market this salad bar using the word SMART clearly doesn’t know how acronyms are supposed to work. You can’t simply just put the letter of the word in front of each statement. Apparently, nobody really thought this through, since they even had the whole sign made.

Are You Going To Tell Her Or Should I?


This woman and her husband are such kind hearted souls, however, they clearly don’t know how to identify wild animals. We’d hate to break it to you lady, but that is not just a stray dog you and your husband caught. It’s actually a wild coyote. And it tried to attack you husband because IT’S A WILD COYOTE.

This Dog Knows It Messed Up Too


Okay, this isn’t a person, but dogs are man’s best friend and isn’t that the next best thing? We couldn’t help but notice that this dog seems to know it messed up by trying to enter the house through this door that clearly wasn’t made for him. Now he is stuck and can’t get out.